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The Monk Community Needs a Cure


07/30/2014 03:27 PMPosted by Lightdemon
07/30/2014 03:07 PMPosted by KimSulki84
And someone reported Fitz.

Eff this community.

Someone is rocking some smallest pair of balls.

Watch out man. Some day those balls will completely disappear.

My bets on Scrapz lol

oh missed this..

wanna bet? LOL

it's not him.
07/30/2014 03:59 PMPosted by Fitz
07/30/2014 03:55 PMPosted by scrapz

what? reported.


Scrapz loves me even though I constantly whisper him that his build sucks

Never forget to have fun!

Fixed. ;)

Fitz: Why you getting mad? It's just a game

Scrapz: Oh no, you did not just go there, Paging Piffle #birdcall
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I agree with you, but you can't really blame people for their negative feedbacks. Even after all the awesome feedback from many people in many posts, patch after patch all we got were crumbs. They were listening to our complaints (now we know) but doing very little about it.
Did ya guys noticed that one of the biggest QQers in the monk community has vanished recently? He doesn't post anymore.

They will eventually get tired of whining, complaining and clicking report button for nothing as we have seen throughout the years in this community. Where are they now while we are still here? QQ-ing at the card game forum, I guess :)
There is a certain poster that was attacking Druin in a personal manner in the PTR thread, he deserves a swift kick in the balls.
I like samiches
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07/30/2014 02:54 PMPosted by Lightdemon
If Blizzard wasn't so slow to react, we wouldn't have lost so many contributing members. This place would have been as great as it once was.

+1 it is the main reason why Hate domin Whole D3 forum
Blizzard will get positive remarks from us when we get positive changes from them. Up until a day ago, we never got ANY communication about what changes are coming for our class, and for the longest time, despite huge public outcry, they just kept dishing out the nerfs.

When we are generally on par with other classes I think you'll see a much bigger drop off of the criticisms than we've already seen in the last little while.
07/30/2014 02:24 PMPosted by Fitz
Let's get back to having some fun around here!

That day can't come soon enough!

Sadly the other class forums are just as salty. Since this is the internet, home of hyperbole and hatred, I'm not terribly surprised by it. It amazes me how much people can hate this game, yet continue to play it for hours on end... I'll just continue to play/do what I enjoy. Even if it's not T6 viable. =p

PS: Games are complicated. Programming is difficult. Documentation will always suck...
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oh missed this..

wanna bet? LOL

it's not him.

You called Kim? Whaddaya want to bet? :)

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Good to see some optimism around but hey patch is not here yet so let's just wait and see. Whether incoming patch is good or bad, there will be less frustrated posts anyway - because not many will be here to complain.
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07/30/2014 03:07 PMPosted by KimSulki84
And someone reported Fitz.

Eff this community.

Someone is rocking some smallest pair of balls.

Watch out man. Some day those balls will completely disappear.

rofl someone reported you too....

From my personal opinion, after I read latest upcoming changes to monks i stop my sarcasm, i wait till the patch happen on ptr and I honestly think I will enjoy all the changes.
Some of those things you point out can also be evaluated differently. For example, as we usually see on these forums:

1 - The 2 set revamp went against most people's intentions, that neither wanted something focused on two-handed weapons, nor on our mobility skill.

2 - EP removed despite so many loving its different functionality, as one of the most fun core aspects of the skill and class, and also the fact that many claimed that Rimeheart was the biggest culprit.

3 - Dodge removed, while completely negating flavor differentiation between Dex classes and Str classes...

Now, these are not my opinions at all, I'm just highlighting the most usual arguments we see. To be honest, I think monks in general have a tad too much pent up frustration over having watched other classes blaze by, while having to make do with scraps and being negated proper acknowledgment by the devs up until now.

I totally agree, however, that they have definitely been addressing many of our most complained about issues, even if we don't agree with the actual changes they implement or the numbers on them. Personally, i've been having a blast ever since the new form of STI went in, while trying new stuff just for kicks, and can only hope the new ptr build will live up to it :D

All those complains didn't come from nothing. At the start of RoS Monk was the least completed class in terms of gameplay and damage capabilities. All the other got their play-changing sets (even if bugged) and some neat synergies between skills while monk was just copy-pasted from before 2.0. Even now effects from our class sets provide with additional damage at the cost of uncomfortable gameplay (constant jumping for Rainment and heavy investment into resource regen for Sunvuko) not the other way around (provide "normal" gameplay with effects to do more damage). 2.1 changes should be made several months ago.
I vote Fitz for MVP >:)
+1000! (storms)

I love discussing builds and monks in general. It is extremely annoying to have to wade through 80% of QQ to find the interesting and intelligent posts.

Less QQ, more constructive criticism and nice ideas please. What exactly do people think they will accomplish by demanding monk developers to be fired? It is too silly for words...

Threads like "post 3 things you'd want to change in PTR" are fantastic, this is the stuff developers also love to read. To the point, constructive ideas for improving the game.

PS Like Druin, you've been displaying the right attitude all this time, props!
PS2 Shouldn't you be picking up your HC monk one of these days? Would be nice to use it do some tests and alt-tab to your monk spreadsheet ;)
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I hope you guys find a cure.
07/30/2014 03:55 PMPosted by KimSulki84
One of the reasons why I want monks to get stronger in general is that it will silence some of the dumb QQers in this forum.

Of course, it's naive to expect the internet trolls to completely go away. It's impossible.

But then, I'm sure a little less number of trolls would make things much more fun to talk about builds and shi t in this forum like the old days.

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