I guess what I should have said is how much DPS are we sacrificing for this new sustain/mitigation buff. With current sets like the bugged SSS/Madstone/SWK build or a glass cannon Stormbreaker set which are highly damage passive focused and are already topping out at 3x (haven't checked boards in a while). How will we be able to progress further if we are trading out 1-2 dps passives for 2 defensive passives?

Will the facetank style negate the potential 20-40% dps passive lost or will it just result in a wider variety of gameplay?

Let's not even get started on what gear slots we have to sacrifice to achieve a Inna's 4 pc bonus while making it compatible with a SWK set.

Edit: Mandatory passives: BoY, Sixth Sense, Transcendence. Fourth???? NDE makes the most sense as dying once in a GR can easily set you back 1-2 mins. 0 offensive passives?
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