Diablo® III

New PTR Notes are coming out!

They are up on Diablofans right now, a metric TON of Monk changes are listed.

EDIT: Some of the changes look great, the changes to our spenders seem anticlimactic to say the least.

I am intrigued by the ring that allows us to summon two mystic allies to our side though.
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Not so sweet. Half the mined changes so far are REDUCTIONS in damage or at least lower damage/spirit. The APS modifier for generators must have been significantly enhanced to make up for the lower damage. The LTK changes are confusing. The cost went up by 66% and the damage only increased by ~20%. The changes to WoL look to be a total loss situationally. The base damage was increased but it looks like all but the cold version lost it's "in a line" bonus damage. No cost reduction and a very minimal base damage boost.

The change to epiphany pretty much makes you trade 353% wd x 4/APS damage for 45 spirit/sec regen and forces nearly all monks to sport 75% CDR if they're going to try to use a spender build without generator.
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Let's face reality: This is a nerf!

They should give us a new passive: "wad of cotton wool"
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Not impressed...but I'm going to wait for some of the main theory crafters and monk "masters" to test and then post their thoughts before I accept that Monk will be the stepchild of all mele classes for all eternity.
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