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Recent PTR Notes : Monk Nerf

So i really was excited to here the spirit generators were getting a buff. Yet after reading the latest data mining notes on DiabloFans for the monk I was absolutely disgusted.
Its none stop nerfs to all spirit regeneration and nerfs to damage.
This class has now become absolutely useless. Blizzard please respond with what you are doing and why you think this is ok.
My Demon Hunter has less overall damage , less health , less resist , less elemental damage and has the ability to T6. Yet my monk which is highly geared struggles to walk through T4 because my spirit regen and damage output isn’t high enough .
You know this and yet you still are nerfing the class.
Does the developer working on this class even know WTF he is doing. Does he have some kind of magic DEV only monk that works in T6 cause unless he does then these blatent nerfs are just a joke and you are pushing people away from the class.
Would love to here from other Monks out there that are either struggling or just going a different class cause they feel like there monk is just useless now
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Are you comparing buffs/nerfs from PTR patch to PTR patch? Because compared to live, they're all buffs to damage and attack speed, except for WotHF, which is going from 192 to 190, but still getting attack speed buff.

Having not played PTR, I'm excited for 2.1 changes to hit live. I'm mildly upset about the changes to our passives because it's not as easy to decide what to take any more. It finally feels like we have more than 5 or 6 passives.
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08/05/2014 09:39 PMPosted by UGotGanked
it may not actually be a nerf if the speed boosts are significant enough.

We shouldn't even be in that position. Being implicit is just another slap in our face they should be explicit or it's going to take FOREVER to catch up to other classes.

Being how bad our damage has been since day 1 of XPac, we should be seeing straight buffs as eluded too from a Blue right before PTR went up. Remember when a Blue said Witch Doctors were the benchmark and they were going to push Monks on PTR and see how far they can take them then bring them back if need be?! WE ARE SEEING NOTHING of the sort.

We should be seeing straight buffs especially with skills that scale. Instead we are seeing "balance" tweaks in Generators (damage vs. attack speed) and LTK (cost vs. damage). Are we getting buffs? Maybe, probably. But they sure aren't obvious which they definitely should be at this point.

Want to see real buffs? Go visit the Wizard forums RIGHT NOW. They get more buffs again from both gear (Swami/Hydra++) and spenders/etc. (Meteor++). Seriously still feel developers are not actually playing a Monk period on higher GRifts/etc. whereas it's obvious they have with other classes.

I'm definitely very frustrated and so tempted to start a scathing thread but instead will vent here, LOL. The Dashing Strike nerf really put me on tilt.
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no need test in PTR..just read those patch notes...is SO frustrated....jesus....wtf.....my favarite class ...btw DON'T !@#$ up my second class wizard....monk RIP...
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