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[Review] - Datamined info PTR 3

It's ok, we will get buffed in Sword of Wisdom!

I bet Blizz's A team is on that project
B team on PS4
C team on X-one
D team on us! ^_^
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08/05/2014 04:43 PMPosted by Druin
While I can't say with 100% authority without testing it, it is most likely that the stuns act independently which means if both proc at the same time, the 2s stun will simply supersede the 1.5s stun and the monster will be stunned for 2 seconds.

Sounds about right.
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I would not be suprised, if the new attack speed pasive is what they reffered to as they announced the attack speed boost and if there is no further APS buff.
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08/05/2014 04:32 PMPosted by Rukan
anyways, anyone else see alacrity and immediate think to compare it to fervor?

No, but I compare it to this:

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Okay I dont wanna read thru all of this because I wanna get on the PTR and actually try it but..

just to make sure.. from reading this were pretty unhappy right? I saw Sixth Sense passive first and was smiling by the time I got to the end.. *sigh
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This review by Druin is pretty deflating. I was optimistically waiting for some very substantial buffs to monk damage for 2.1, buffs which would ultimately make monk damage "competitive" with DHs and WDs. I understand that a ranged class should probably have a bit more damage and a bit less toughness than a melee class, which would make sense. I would accept monk ending up with a bit less damage and a bit more toughness than the ranged classes in 2.1, but I can't see how this latest PTR patch brings monks close enough to the balance I'm describing. Hopefully, this is merely another step in the process, and more "balancing" is forthcoming before 2.1 goes live.
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So CDR will be the big thing for the 45 spirit/sec regain/spendor spam. Might not be to bad with the new socket gift on weapons freeing up two 10% cdr's primarys on dual wield, and with Leorics Crown having potential for doubling cdr - can see CDR easily topping 70% without as much sacrifice on other item slots as we have had. I think Desert Shroud may still be tops though into harder greater rifts.
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I feel like these buffs to our Healing/mitigation/quicker animations should artificially increase our damage pretty substantially.

The amount of time you spend running from aoe should be reduced and should increase our clear times a bit. Now instead of waiting for arcane beams to fizzle maybe you can afford to let it pass through you and just heal through it. Obviously standing ontop of 1 is not an option or maybe letting 3 of them pass through in succession but the occasional hit from 1 shouldnt take you out of the fight. Same with Poison enchanted etc...
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Once again, an excellent breakdown, Druin, so thanks again. My two favourite bits:
08/05/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Druin
I was just thinking to myself, you know what needs to be nerfed? The only skill that actually feels good to use!

08/05/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Druin
All-in-all I will need to test the new LTK before flatly decreeing it a nerf ... but this whole "give you small damage then massively increase the cost" tactic Blizz is taking makes me pretty upset.

I was thinking exactly this, at both of those points.
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Hmm, I have a nearly perfectly rolled trifecta Dovu Energy Trap... if these changes go live I might actually just roll a permastun monk for groups (at least since it's not looking like we're going to have a decent DPS build minus big changes).
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Still the worst class by a mile.
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Just got on the PTR and played a T6 rift for a few minutes. Before (with unity) I was getting to the point where it was a breeze. Now I'm back to struggling.

Attacking feels NO faster. In fact it feels more clunky. Did they not include the base APS buff yet?

Please say they didn't. If they did, I'm done.
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Attack speed is noticeably increased, alabaster gloves got the new SW effect of stacking up to 7 more times, there are reports of GNK getting a significant buff!
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Yea i lied. Monk is still squishy as crap if you try to run a standard build without double unity rings. I tried the following combination of passives to get my survivability up where i dont need double unity

Mantra of Salvation
Sixth Sense

Wothf/Scorpion sting/sweeping winds... Standard Lightning build and just got crushed on T6
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08/05/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Druin
Dashing Strike
Cost: 1 Charge / Quickly dash up to 50 yards, striking enemies along the way for 305% weapon damage as Physical. / You gain a charge every 8 (up from 6) seconds and can have up to 2 charges stored at a time.

I was just thinking to myself, you know what needs to be nerfed? The only skill that actually feels good to use!

This is just stupid. I get it. CDR-DS was a lot of movement ... but movement is basically all we have and this does nothing at all but punish people who don't have good CDR which is something that was already extremely true.

Storm-breaker has seen no buffs at all outside the DS->CDR change and now this slaps them right back to being only a tiny bit better off than 2.0.6.

I can't, for the life of me, understand this change so I will stop trying.

Problem: Stormbreaker just uses DS(and some others) Solution: Nerf the CD/Recharge thus using more abilities.
Instead of just changing the damn set bonus, I believe this allows us to use the new buffs we were given and other skills in the downtime, pretty much how a Leapquake barb would cast a few things b4 leaping again; it's faster but imo sloppy and handled poorly. The only problem is, is survivability good enough for it?
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08/05/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Druin
temPassive_Unique_Gem_015_x1 - now gains .5% increased damage (Down from 1%) for 4 seconds (up from 3). Gaining a stack no longer refreshes all existing stacks
ItemPassive_Unique_Gem_015U_x1 - Now gains .5% increased Armor for ever stack (Down from 1%)

This is a typo. It still stacks like normal. Have tested it and confirmed it.
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08/05/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Druin
Probably non-viable vs other weapons if SW doesn't proc AD (which I have been assured it does not) and will see little to no use.

Still 5000000000% better than the gloves

The did not change this to a weapon in game. It is still on the gloves. So glove now give the stacks to SW
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