Diablo® III

Remember this, my fellow Monks.

At this moment, it really looks like we've been kicked in the teeth again with some nonsense. "Buffs", spirit cost increases, forced CDR builds for an already crappy ping-pong play style...

This is the stuff we players need to remember when it comes time for the next expansion. We've already been duped into RoS. When it comes time to open your wallet for this nonsense again, please reflect on how we were "taken care of" for this expansion.

This is not a quality product that I consider myself to have spent wisely on, as a Monk player.
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I believe it to be sound advice. The devs really aren't listening to our feedback or to our MVP and seem to have very little interest in actually bringing Monks up to par to be competitive with the rest of the classes. Being polite hasn't worked. Giving them detailed lists of what needs to be fixed hasn't worked. Being angry, rude, and crass hasn't worked. We have one avenue to try now, and that's the financial route. I believe that we, the community as a whole, needs to pledge not to buy the next expansion if we don't see the necessary, real class buffs that we need to make Monks more than the joke they've become. It needs to happen when 2.1 goes live, and we need to stick to our promise that we won't put more money into this game if it fails to happen.

We've let them half !@# our class. We've let them butcher our capabilities and reduce us to party followers in RoS, only to kill that awful build in 2.1 which leaves us with nothing. This is our fault and we need to take responsibility for it by not letting our class be abused any longer. I really think this is the best, and only, option anymore, and I hope the rest of you all are with me.
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I think what we should remember is that PTR is no where near done, and that is evident with the constant (significant) changes we have seen in the last iterations of the PTR.

Please remember that this isn't Live, it's still PTR, and going to be in PTR for a while longer.
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As someone else said, previous to this PTR, when Blizzard is going to buff a class they've done so by starting out with gigantic buffs beyond the reasonable scope of what should be in game and then bring them down to manageable and appropriate levels. We are getting incremental tweaks that coincide with repeated nerfs to various aspects of our class.

And, as I also said, this needs to be reactionary based on this PTR going live. I certainly understand that this is in the PTR and isn't implemented into the game yet, and that there is still a lot of time left ( hopefully ) for things to be fixed before it goes live. My point stands that if this is more or less how things are once it does go live, and we are still a failure of a class / not competitive with all the other classes, including DH and WD, then we need to make serious changes to our playing habits.
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So it's just me then that thinks these months of our class being left behind and an apathetic design team should have repercussions? Fantastic. Why should Blizzard bother to put effort into actually making substantial changes to our class if players are just going to keep throwing money at them whether they do their jobs appropriately or not?
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