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Is this a bad joke?

08/05/2014 08:36 PMPosted by Immortal
08/05/2014 03:43 PMPosted by Druin
Technically, it could still be a buff if the animation/APS-mod changes are substantial enough.

Until I test it I have to suspend my criticism.

However ... if it turns out the APS buff is just that passive (worst case) or in the 10-15% range, I will join the dark-side and let the hate flow through me.

This ^^^^^^^.... But seriously this whole D3 development team needs a good sacking... It seems every classes is getting a nerf... Are they balancing every classes to reach around Lvl 40 Grifts? Shouldn't they be buffing classes to do higher G-rift levels...

+1 Ive seen people non stop getting held up around 40 G-rifts which even some streamers even complained about and i see why. 50 would be impossble to hit and the rate you leveling up your gems slow process and were hitting a gear wall...Idk just im not feeling it
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08/05/2014 08:06 PMPosted by NecroSmokist
Basically we're going to have to build as much CDR as we can for perma-Epiphany, for every build.

Yeah, this was my fear. I put together a fire LTK set (one I had been using to run T6 before zDPS became popular) and with the changes to it's spirit cost... it's more or less impossible to spam effectively without perma-serenity.

I find this stupid, because before the change to LTK's spirit cost.. this would have been a rather PERFECT buff for this build to be successful.

Blizzard... taking two steps forwards and two steps to the side and one and half steps back every single patch with monks so far.
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08/05/2014 04:52 PMPosted by saigo
This is exactly what I said to myself, "This must be a joke". I've been checking every day for new notes for weeks. Today finally diablofans had the news that blues were psyching us up about. It felt like Christmas morning with one big present begging to be unwrapped. Imagine my shock when all I found inside that huge box was yet another smaller box filled with nerfs and red letters. Coal in our stockings Blizzard, thats what this feels like.

Wow, I used to love this company, no joke. There was a time when I considered Blizzard way up there with old squaresoft. Not anymore, nothing but let down, after let down.

Against my better judgement, I will give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt ONE MORE TIME. If our class isnt properly addressed with 2.1, I'm officially gone for good. Not just diablo, but starcraft, and wow as well. These notes were that much of a slap in the face. I'm liking EA more than Blizzard right now. At least EA doesn't keep up the pretense of good community relations.

They simply must think they know better than their players. That's the only explanation I have for this at this point...

I mean like.... It feels personal at this point.... Am I alone on this?
I am livid. They literally hate us.
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So now, you can cast spenders faster, ideally, with enough increased spirit regen and pool to compensate. Does that change the underlying fact that the damage dealt by said spenders is enough to warrant its use?

I have to say, I'm more excited to see our MVP's hatred flow rather than just wait for "buffs" to come out.
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Is this a bad joke?
Oh yes..it is..
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I want to post positive things I really do. So I will post the one positive so far from this test patch. Monk sustain is amazing right now. Finally can survive as well as my crusader. Just can't quite dish out the damage yet.
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Anyone cared to compare the barbarian bloodthirst change to our transcendence? Do it, it's fun!
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08/06/2014 02:32 AMPosted by Basilikum11
Anyone cared to compare the barbarian bloodthirst change to our transcendence? Do it, it's fun!
lol..seems there were different comedians..eh..devs at work..
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