First off. I'm rusty, second I'm still new to this build and trying to use chain as dmg, its so much dmg I should be utilizing it more. This build is more than just spamming LTK, in a sense. Positioning and using DS correctly ups your dps so much with the Fire Chain.

I just started doing greater rifts since I feel its worth it now with all these great updates. My first Greater Rift, I didn't even knew I had to pick up those purple globes, I fiquared it out on my 5th elite, than I had to back track LOL!

Anyway I used this same exact build on GW T26 10:37. Would of been 9:XX but I died to the boss when it was 5% <_< Ill try to post a video if I can get to T30's. I also didn't know I lose my Stone when I choose to upgrade my Leg Stone. lol im such a gw rift noob. ;p

I was using something other than Serenity the first hr of me playing around with this build. That's why My Serenity Usage is sucky for the most part lol. You really don't need serenity in normal t6 rifts for this build. For Higher GW u def want Serenity, and I'm sure you would want to switch in UNITY instead of SoJ also.

Edit: !@#$ I guess I should put a better stone in my weapon ops lol.
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