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Be quiet until you get on ptr

08/05/2014 11:02 PMPosted by Jotoco
Aside from Odyns, which other weapon proc works without an internal cooldown? Proc rates don't mean a thing because even in live you usually attack quick enough to saturate the internal cooldown almost 100% of time.

I meant proc coefficients, sorry. I meant on our spirit generators. It makes sense to them of course. They give us more APS on our generators which means THEY think they need to nerf the proc coefficients on our abilities to compensate.

But in reality, they don't and it just makes us feel like crap since a lot of our damage comes out of procs for some builds.
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08/05/2014 09:12 PMPosted by Flattylol
t6 while fighting an elite and still live.

T6, that's cute.
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Very cute indeed.

KittyKittyKitty....T6 pfft
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Yeah yeah t6 no longer endgame. But it's still a vast improvement in survivability.

As far as proc rates goes, they seem unaffected, if not buffed due to the ias of generators.
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08/06/2014 05:16 AMPosted by Flattylol
Yeah yeah t6 no longer endgame. But it's still a vast improvement in survivability.

People were capable of cleaning (better than surviving) T6 rifts so there is no upgrade

People were asking for a chance / damage boost that would let them clean the new "Rifts" (the problem was STILL damage).

Even if they were gonna give us perma-serenity we would still behind other classes on greater rifts.

Now we have a new build to stay behind
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What they call "buff" is actually only promoting T3-4 players to be capable in T6 now.

For players that already can finish T6 in around or even less than 10 min, i see no buff to them.
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Yeah, I'm well aware of us being t6 rift capable before. But you guys are seriously downers. The survivability has been greatly increased (you know, for those greater rifts, where that DID matter), generator damage has been greatly buffed, spirit generation is off the charts.... the last thing that needs to be done is spenders need to be buffed. That's it. One simple thing.

But !@#$, read some of the threads around here and you'd think every monk player was having a leg forcibly amputated.
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Yes, i agree they buffed spirit generator and survivability. But with stormbreaker build that dealing 3000% dmg and we are still behind other class, they need to at lest double or triple our spender damage to match.

Also, they buff our LpSS, but we are still being one shotted by just one miss in higher rift.
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Spender damage is wrecked, still no use playing monk while we really want to!! Frustrating this is..
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This is still awful. I guess we get to be the class with the weakest generators, weakest sets, weakest passives and weakest, most costly spenders.

See you guys in a different game, it's time to call it good on Blizzard.
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08/06/2014 06:57 AMPosted by Khaine
This is still awful. I guess we get to be the class with the weakest generators, weakest sets, weakest passives and weakest, most costly spenders.

See you guys in a different game, it's time to call it good on Blizzard.

Have fun in a different game, bye.
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I just tested my lightning monk.

Survivability becomes very great.
But dps is not, I'm not sure it is better than last version on ptr or not.
The problem is about the hit range, not matter how good the dps is, our AOE is even worse than before...

And I'd suggest everybody to try other classes and see how they are doing...
The reason I am not impressed by the dps is maybe because I just spent too much time on other T6 viable classes on the live server.
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I felt a big boost running a fire LTK build in PTR last night, even without Cinder and a Fire SOJ. Agree with the initial post that transcendence is obviously much much better now. With 47k globe bonus my LTL heals for 127k... very noticeable and make survivability much better.

It is still crazy to me that every "buff" seems to have an equal or greater debuff. You increase attack speed and spirit regen, cool.. then you raise the cost of LTK by 66% (while only raising the damage 20%) along with lowering the damage of the spirit generator to pre 2.1 amounts and essentially causing a wash.

The one good thing is that I am no longer worried about the OWE skill being removed. With the boost to sustain across the board it makes mantra of healing - boon far less important to survive at higher levels. And using the new mantra with the extra boost to resists put me at around 15k armor, 1800 for my main resist, 1350 for my second resist and 1200 for the remaining ones.
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Ran PTR just now, GR 27 with 97% Depth Diggers. Failed it. I don't see how the generator "changes" affected me in any way, other than proccing about 2% more.
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The gem and depth diggers have so little effect on monk damage because its not the generators doing the damage, its the weapon procs.

Generator damage is in the same place as last patch - you just do it a bit faster, but less of it. Unfortunately, this still makes generator builds marginal, because you can't make a generator build with generator mods on skills that do 150-200% weapon damage and hope to succeed above GR30. Test: try one without procing weapons, but with diggers/50% gem - good luck.

Monks do not have a skill or 2 they can buff and use as killers. Look at monk builds - nearly all involve procing weapons of some sort. I don't know of a competitive build that involves using a spender in GR30+ without a procing weapon - that alone should be a sign from on high that things are still dire.

It doesn't matter how high you get your sheet dps to (with/without elemental bonuses) - monk skills aren't in a viable zone yet (4 ptr builds later). This means either the skills aren't doing enough damage, are too costly to use, or don't have dependable legendaries to promote a viable build involving them (or even, all of the above).

Either way, blizzard till isn't sure what they are doing with the monk or where to take it from here, that is plainly obvious.
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08/05/2014 09:08 PMPosted by Fahita
08/05/2014 08:56 PMPosted by Flattylol
Man, you guys are really shooting for the moon.

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll still end up among the stars.

Nice qoute :)
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