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Dual set

In a previous post, I speculated a new class with two resource pools (angelic & demonic), representing the duality of the Nephalem.
Thinking they could push the concepts further, I imagined a set that would be based on this style of duality : Lilith's desire & Inarius will.
The duality here is about being male or female (a last a reason to chose sex else than design).

Lilith's desire
Lilith's Softness, Helms for Male & Female
Lilith's Freedom, Bracers for Male & Female
Lilith's Desecration, Gloves for Male & Female
Lilith's Forbidden, Belt for Female only
Lilith's Domination, Boots for Female only
(2) Set: +10% Extra Gold from Monsters
(3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence.
(4) Set: Increases damage against elites by 20%
(5) Set: 5% chance on being hit by an enemy to charm it for 5 seconds

Inarius will
Inarius' Rigor, Shoulders for Male & Female
Inarius' Aservissement, Amulets for Male & Female
Inarius' Rite, Rings for Male & Female
Inarius' Obligation, Chest Armor for Male only
Inarius' Support, Pants for Male only
(2) Set: Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 10 Yards.
(3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence.
(4) Set: Critical Hit Damage Increased by 50.0%
(5) Set: 30% chance on being hit by an enemy to explode with sacred fury.

Lilith's desire & Inarius will.
(3) Set: +100 Resistance to All Elements.
(4) Set: +500 vitality.
(5) Set: Increases Attack Speed by 7%.
(6) Set: Chance on hit to summon a Succubus.
(8) Set: If you were to get the effect of a shrines or a pylon, you get all the shrines' and Pylons' effects instead.

Items could have better than "+6 Random Magic Properties", but it might be a little too powerfull...

LMP, "..saying i'm stupid is better than nothing."
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New Class = Jedi/Sith
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No, you can't be both Jedi and Sith, so a Jedi/Sith class would have one mana pool which can be more bright or more dark, Here, I spoked of a class which, in the same way as the demon hunter, would have two mana pool one bright and the other dark.

But, the idea of a class with bright mana which can turn dark can be fun too, The spell would turn from sacred to evil.... :)

LMP, sometime light, sometime dark
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