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My achievements Are gone!

my achievements were missing for 5 days, finally came to this site, tried the fix which was log on to another region, log out and then log back into own region and it worked - not sure what happened to achievements completed in the 5 days it said missing, would they also have been retrieved
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Still isn't fixed no matter what I am doing.
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If you are using the Battle net Launcher, change the server to Europe.
After the game loads you will see that there are no characters.
Do not create one, just exit out of the game.
Close the Battle net launcher.
Re-open the Launcher and change servers back to the Americas.
Everything should be there. It worked for me but I had to do this twice.
I also done the same to my sons system and it worked also.
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100 Human Warlock
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Server switched worked like a charm for me too, just switch make a char check achieves then witch back
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100 Human Rogue
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Still showing achievement's as missing after relaunching client did it a few times actually.
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Same here as of 2.1.0 release all achievement progress is missing.
Also I am unable to earn achievements at this time nor can i see what achievements my clan mates are earning. I see the following text (in quotes) "[Name] has earned the achievement: " no click-able link or text following the colon. I am also unable to view achievements of friends/clan-mates.

EDIT: RoS player prior to 2.1.0 update if that helps any
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Not working for me either
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Mine are missing also, and friends keep giving me grats on getting them, but I can't see them and get no sort of popup letting me know I got anything.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
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Never mind, I tried today again a couple of times and it worked
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
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i had this issue until the seasons started, i started regaining achievements that where earned through the seasons play but none of my older achievs have returned
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Thank you for fixing my achievements last night, unfortunately it did not count anything I did prior to the glitch. Glad I waited to craft that Hellfire Amulet...
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I played for several hours before looking at my achievements and noticing that they were missing. I tried the trick of logging into the European servers and then logging back into the American servers. Not only did it fix the problem, but the 5 achievements I reached before doing this were all duly recorded.
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yup. still.
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they are back now
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back now
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Community Manager
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We've successfully developed and deployed a fix for this issue in all regions. At this time, this particular achievement display bug should be resolved. Thanks for all your feedback, everyone!
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I have this same exact bug.
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