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i like dh with chain shot and fast fire red shot.
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Great infos...big thank to the mods and Blizz !
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07/04/2012 07:43 AMPosted by NENA
i just reach level 60 and my experience stop to grow, could somebody tell me why? Im a demon hunter female

because 60 is current lvl cap :)
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what are people finding to be the best combo or weaps selection for the DH. dual xbows or bow and arrows or cb and arrows? Your thoughts please.
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I've ran the entire time to 51 with dual 1h xbows. For me, equiping that slow bow or 2h xbow just kills me.
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All the DH nerfs kind of killed glass cannon demon hunters; you can't solo a glass cannon DH anymore. The Tank Build seems the way to go.

Until they nerf that one too.

FYI; glass cannons usually go for Natalya's set items for the Crit Chance, the 130 Dex as well as the Disc regen which is really really good. You can practically Shadow Power all the way. Glass cannons use 2HBow with quiver that has max crit+disc+AS+Dex. Tankers go for 1hXbow with shield and alot of armor, vit, life, resist and LoH.
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My DH played solo through to inferno. Not great items but good overall.
Playing Inferno now in public games.
Inferno act 2 is out of the question; need major item upgrade mostly for
all resists upgrade, have good critical hit damage. Have yet to find a
act 2 first quest game that people can finish. Need good and patient
Tank support for that.
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edit: wrong post, sorry guys :$.
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If this is going to be stickied, shouldn't it be updated? Skills section is woefully out of date... I guess the game guide is better anyway :|
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That was odd... posted in wrong thread.
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^ damn! 203k dps... you hav my goal :(
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def needs unstickied or updated
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09/14/2012 02:10 PMPosted by Gadraven
def needs unstickied or updated


Sixen#935's last post was on 5/16/12 2:11 PM

good thing to know he's still an MVP... rofl
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Tank DHs can do so with twin Hand Xbows, and very select Bows and Xbows :p

Shields are not needed, if you are geared properly. Since the Nerf, I opted for more Reduced Melee Damage stats :p
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