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will the story for the male wizard have a new clan for them, or will it just have some minor alterations to the original one that was posted?

sorry if this is a stupid question, just wondering, you know, i wanna make a male battle mage-type wizard, and want the back story to match
(my last post i deleted because i did not know how to put it)
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outdated now
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Current information from 7 months ago is hardly current anymore. Please remove this or update it.
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The current information is simple : Wizard is weak since patch 14.
The WD make a lot more damage and it's not even his speciality
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Can't Wait!!!
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I got to enjoy the open beta this weekend, and playing the wizard I found it suprising that I could arm myself with whatever most powerful one-armed weapon I could find, in this case a magic club, and damage was based on what that weapon could do. At this point, the purpose of a wand escapes me.
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Speculation has it that the late game(normal difficulty I dont mean to imply inferno) wands will have specific buffs to AP and damage boosts that will outweight the raw DPS you recieve from the two handed weapons.

So early game it looks like we will all be running around with two handed axes until we get some decent wand/orb drops.
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The wizard is looking to be a fun class to play. I am hoping I have time to level all of them. So exciting. Wizard may be my first class yay.
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I can't wait until Diablo 3 comes out!
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Currently i see Wizard skills straightforwardly boring...
All about damage, and their damage isnt that good either.
Other class easily outdps wizard with their combos.
Their battle control skills is only Slow.
Teleport cost a lot with big cooldown.
Other class runes effect are interesting,
But for wizard, lots of it were plain and straighfowardly about damage, yet isnt that good either....

The current information is simple : Wizard is weak since patch 14.
The WD make a lot more damage and it's not even his speciality

Agree, they make wizard skill weaker. In old times wizard spells can even reach 600%..
Now, weak, people do forget that Wizard got no damage reduction, and yet their spells damage percentage are the Same as other class percentage.
Lots of their skill runes are also basically damage oriented and yet their damage isnt that great....
A class with ironic damage, yeah their damage are a bit bigger than other classes, but their hitting interval are slower, not to mention that they are paper thin....
They even lacks in Crowd control skills, Other classes had stun, rooting skills, fear.
Majority of wizard crowd control skills is Slow, and you need to timed it correctly to hit the enemy with their slow.

Their teleport cost 15 arcane with 16s cooldown,
While other class cost smaller. with an also smaller cooldown.
Not to mention Monks, with Thunderclap, practicaly a teleport that cost no resource whatsoever and has no cooldown at all.. Dash on monks also cost only 10 spirit with no cooldowns...
Isnt that strange....
I think they nerf wizard to much..

Currenly this class is a shadow from its former glory.
I do hope they buff it though.
I want to see other class shines equally,
Unfortunately for the current state, only 3 classes that catches my attention that much,
They are Monks, Barbs and WD.
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Let's wait until we can actually play the classes to make these sweeping judgements. Wizard has stuns and rooting as well as slows for CC. You can't compare spirit to Arcane power to readily as well, they're a completely different type of resource. AP regenerates quickly and constantly -- in addition to being boosted by various passives/runes. 10 spirit and 15 AP are in no way compatible. If anything, I think 15 AP is cheaper.

There's no real basis for argument since no one here aside from devs and internal testers have actually seen the full game, but I really think you're entirely wrong.
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Just bought this, can't wait to play. It'll be hard to juggle this, skyrim and WoW. But I love casters, i'll play a Wizard
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Just bought this, can't wait to play. It'll be hard to juggle this, skyrim and WoW. But I love casters, i'll play a Wizard
Just remember that this info is a bit outdated though.
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Yes please update this info!
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Just in the event people are actually reading this before posting, one of the most common questions we keep seeing on these forums revolves around equipment and what buffs damage.

Your basic weapon DPS is the biggest contributor to your spell damage. That means early on you will find yourself doing a lot of damage with 2h swords and other large heavy weapons (that typically you don't consider 'wizard' weapons). As you progress you start finding +damage and intelligence on weapons and gear, these are your other contributors to spell damage. +damage gives you raw damage (obviously) and intelligence multiplies the damage you do (1 int = 1% more).

Some people may want to use the weapon's default attack thinking this will 'save mana' or for some other reason. You don't want to do this, and in fact it's very hard to do it with the game mechanics (you'd have to either somehow unbind an attack button, or drain your arcane power to nothing and continue using a spell that costs power - bad idea). Your "signature" spells (default left click) cost no mana at all, and fire using the same or better damage/speed of your default weapon.

More complex stuff can be found in the forum itself, that's just a basic starting guide to what you want to look for. Also keep in mind priorities change as you progress. What worked great in Act 1 might not in Act 2, what worked well in Normal might not in Inferno, etc.
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I really Got to hand it to blizzard I love the new wizard and the way the skills can go from melee to mass damage with a click of a button. I got to tank and do ranged attacks it made for a very pleasant and smooth run with the wizard. Didnt die at all through act one at all. Although I am sure that in the later levels I might but very fun and the graphics and ease of play was phenominal. Tip though for new players dont be afaird to retreat from time to time and do hit runs if your playing alone. Also find a setup that works for you.
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get +vit and int. make sure you enough HP to survive. yes the end bosses will 1 shot you if you have minimum hp. this is not diablo 2. balance your damage and hp - you need decent enough of both to survive.

be sure to kite and mix in defensive skills if needed. once again. monsters have modifiers like mortar and abilites like vortex and jailer that prevent you from 100% kiting. they will charge and teleport and drag you in.

the hit system is different. once they get within 30 yds if they are not in melee you will get "hit" as that is the way D3 is designed.

be sure to rebuff and make sure all spells are off cooldown before each fight if needed. sometimes it will be a big one where they string along 2 to 3 extra packs when all you saw one.

good luck!
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This should really be removed or updated to actually reflect current relevant information. We could certainly use a nice FAQ sticky about elective mode, damage stats, how abilities work, reasonable builds to start out with...
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