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"Once there was a company known as Blizzard Entertainment. They were well known for their inventive and ground shakingly popular new games. What would have been their most epic game yet Diablo 3 was stated to be release early 2012. Unfortunately the devoted fans could no longer wait and toppled the company from the ground up. Heads rolled and blood was spilt. Out of the carnage the company shattered only to leave behind a sub-par game that led to the companies ultimate bankruptcy. It is a sad day, but I write this obituary in the hopes that the fans will learn. Trust in Blizzard and you will be rewarded. Though it may take as long as half of your life for that dream to come to pass." - actual clipping from the future

Get to work and give us a finished product... My grades are suffering from my anticipation. (checking the website every 20 minutes to see if there is an update has nothing to do with this lol)
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I don't care too much of the release date when it comes from Blizzard.
The first reason is that Blizzard is known for making great games and not releasing them when they aren't still ready, they fix Most bugs before and make sure that everything is "perfect" before releasing...
And the number 2 reason: my copy is pre-ordered, so I know I will get mine in time!
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Diablo 3 is actually just an elaborate April Fools joke. Classic Blizzard Humour :')
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i just preordered mine and the guy says march 3. so who knows
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From what I have seen / read it is "supposed" to be released sometime Q1 of 2012, which I do not doubt one bit due to Blizzard's new WoW/D3 marketing ploy. With their new annual pass deal assuming those that buy into it are going to play D3 when it comes out. The sooner it comes out the more money they come away with.
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Here's to hoping they announce it at VGA
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I can definitely tell you all it will probably be released before the end of life on this wretched planet, lol
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I can't help but to think that any game that takes 15 years to come up with a 2nd version will probably be a huge disappointment. I realize that it is a lot of pressure on the one software writer they have working on this.. trapped in the basement, food slid under the door..already gone mad several years ago from the isolation. Because of the long long development process, we must realize that the technology that the game is based on is very old, so it will probably be a DOS game which will no doubt surpass Pong and probably even have some color frames in it. One can only hope. As for the release date, I think 4 or 5 years ago I quit wondering about it. Anything that takes this long has to be plagued with issues. My sympathy to the family of that poor soul writing code in that dark cold basement.
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Whens the real release date it aint out yet
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08/23/2011 10:29 PMPosted by Jadedmerc
This would be a cool story

But it would be pure fiction.
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2012 Q2
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