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Try out my new Wrath of the Tornado NecroBarb build :

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latest ongoing discussion and more info here:
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This forum should be updated to not allow seller postings. It's annoying to have to dig through 50 posts to find 5 that are actually relevant to the class and not just gear sellers.
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07/30/2012 03:15 PMPosted by MoonUnit
This forum should be updated to not allow seller postings. It's annoying to have to dig through 50 posts to find 5 that are actually relevant to the class and not just gear sellers.

totally agree. they should ban them.

first trade post > warning. second trade post > ban for 48 hrs. and we will have this forum nice and clean.
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anyone playing this while servers are down? ;-)
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hope that barbarian can carry two double 2h sword just like D2
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Found this site with all the most popular level 60 barb builds/skills/passives on it

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Hy! This is my self-heal skills. What do you think? Good enough to beat inferno?
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how do i get my life up for barb
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What is a good rotation for barbarians? also which is better for weapon gem crit or max damage?
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@Adi90: with the buff for rend from 1.0.5 rend is a must for me in inferno (act 2) but i also haven't beat inferno yet but i don't think i'd be wrong to say rend with the increase radius rune is a bad choice.. it's funny cuz i use every move you do except for 2 of your passives and ignore pain lol, i know kripparian (he beat D3 on inferno hardcore mode) says frenzy's usually the best choice. if you want to see my runes too here's my build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/civar-1966/hero/4326657
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Check out my Barbarian.

I can solo Act 4 inferno and Inferno Pony

My barbarian rarely dies, and if he does... it takes a really strong combo of monsters.

My rotation is pretty good and you can customize it how you like, but keep Rend and Revenge how it is.
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Dude you need All Resistance.

You have a load of health! But no resistance.

So you are going to get clobbered.

Try and get atleast 400 All Resists (passive) before War cry.
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can not connected. error:3006 ?
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what does SnB build mean?
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SnB - that's sword and board (shield)
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Hi I created my character about 2 months ago or so & made him without really thinking because I was in a hurry. Anyways I was wandering if there is an option to change his physical appearance status I am not really digging the old look lol. If you want hit me up d2inspired3 online later thanks!
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i been trying to get my barb to hit like 90k i spend 90 mil on gear and still only hit 43k what do i need to do please
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For me, I upped my critical damage.... maybe give that a whirl?
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This thread needs to be redone.
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I wonder why people would post questions in here rather than create a thread? This is the first time I have ever read this and I have been playing since day2
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