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Male or Female Monk? Why?

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08/26/2011 06:38 PMPosted by Solus
Star Trek fan here. Female monk = Tasha Yar. That is all.
Didn't see that before. Now I can't stop seeing it. So imma play with Tasha too ;)

And we don't even have to race for the name either! Look forward to seeing ya on B.net.
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male because I'm male?
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male, to be bald.
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08/30/2011 06:43 PMPosted by justice
male, to be bald.

I have a feeling that me and this gentleman will have a life long friendship. I too wish to be as bald as an eagle. Actually that would be a good skill Eagle Strike where you strike with talons and then everything shreds in to nothingness and your fantastic bald head screams through the ashes of your fallen foes.
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The defining characteristics of the monk is his bald head and his big bushy beard. I think the female monk is a little bland compared to the male.
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Female, so I can name it ChickwithaStick, like in DAOC!, miss that friar lol
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Male, so i can name him Monkey-boy. (Got that from the Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw)
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08/24/2011 08:54 AMPosted by ZagesTeramA
Female because I am a pervert.

I lol'd
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Female because my fav class from D2 was my kick-sassin. I'll give her the same name as well.
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I am really unsure about which I will choose. I will have to see how they look once I am in game.

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80 Undead Warrior
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Female bc I wont have a real GF bc ill be playing so much X)
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male monk for sure, hopefully you can edit the beard!
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I think I'll make mine male because it seems like the monk uses many kicking abilities so I figure having 3 legs would be better than 2
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85 Human Hunter
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Female as I have a thing for chicks with platinum/white hair.
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Male: monk, barb, and witch doctor

Female: wizard and demon hunter

i feel they look the best for there class
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90 Night Elf Druid
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I will play male, because I like the male a lot more. I'd rather not play as holy Ellen Degeneres.

08/26/2011 09:54 PMPosted by MrFrench
Because pixie cuts are hot.

If you are a male, you are the first male I have ever encountered to feel this way.
Edited by Viridias on 9/6/2011 5:55 AM PDT
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Always male.

I find it odd that men would play female characters. Doesn't make sense to me why your avatar of sorts would be a female.
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female cause I can

ah the joys of having a choice
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