Diablo® III

Dear Diary

today i went to the tavurn with mother and father i want to drink the yellow bubble water but they wont let me also playd hide n seek with samol and eriss it was fun they coldnt find me i won

today i am loenly
mother is at the market buying food father is meeting with the old people
when will they come home this toy is boring i thru rocks in a far away buckit didnt miss never

today i am scared angels pleze help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help

Today I flung the dozen blades I spent hours sharpening and coating in poison into a pack of imps that surrounded me. Was no need to finish any of them off afterwards. A knife even split one diagonally. Didn't expect to have to use them so soon but they got too close for comfort.

Today the explosive bola successfully wrapped around the neck of a walking corpse and detonated. The shower of its blood and body parts was a gruesome sight to behold. Upon viewing this spectacle, I cracked a smile, the first smile in a long while.

Today I finally got my revenge.
Today I finally avenged everyone.

Thought maybe I would feel better after writing that, but I don't. Because it's not true. It will never be true. Will cross it all out when I finish assembling this batch of grenades.
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I actually really enjoyed this. More psychologically pulling than some of the other stuff I've browsed.
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Spent my remaining gold pieces on bolts, bandages, and trap materials. Assaulting an encampment tomorrow. This will most likely be my final entry, though I have considered bringing the diary as a memento.

Can't sleep. Excited knowing that I will meet mother, father, and everyone else tomorrow. Nervous because I will die.

The remaining pages are blank except for the last one, which is crumpled and stained with blood.

killed most of them. they took my left arm and right eye legs shattered . no pain though
remaining are knocking against door trying to get in
i see you, everyone
watch over me one final time
i will be with you soon

the trap is working two dead their bodies blocking the doorway
die wretched scum die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE D An erratic line of ink trails off to the page's edge.
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I'm twisted on it, keep going
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I'm afraid our heroine's journey is at an end.
Edited by hexed on 8/25/2011 6:03 PM PDT
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more more more! lol
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Sloppy, but in the best kind of way. Good work.
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lol yeah that was rather enjoyable :-D
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Very well done, especially the grammar (or lack there of) at the beginning.
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