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The Anti-Dailies Thread

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Totally agree. Daily questing is a tool used to keep people subscribing, by putting artifical time-sinks between the player and the items they want.

Diablo 3 is pretty direct, in the sense that you gear up faster, the more demons you smash.

Daily quests do not fit in here.
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He literally has made a spreadsheet to keep up with all the dailies he has to do every day/week.

No, he doesn't HAVE to do anything.

He CHOOSES to do those quests daily.

Some people appreciate having something extra to do everyday. I myself am not someone that will do it EVERYDAY.
But, i do enjoy working daily towards a long term goal. It makes the final achievment more worthwhile. As opposed to "Push button, Recieve bacon"
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Here is that interview with Jay Wilson that was talked about in previous posts.
The question about daily quests is about 3 minutes in, and he basically said that they are not going to be in D3.
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OMG THIS ISNT WOW NEWB!11!1one!1Eleven
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08/27/2011 10:43 PMPosted by Sixen
Jay had said at the Press Event that they wouldn't do dailies; and if they did anything like that, they'd be "weeklies" or "monthlies," giving casual players plenty of time to complete the content.

Well that's good to hear... I mean I wouldn't say forget the dailys at least with weeklys and monthlys it's good. But if you were to cut out repeatable quests all together then the only two ways to make bank would be farming gold and more likely farming items for gold. While this was fine in Diablo 2 (Yes i'm aware we worked with Soj's and later runes not gold) and I love to get my gear farm on as much as anyone else, I also want the ability to make cash without having to invest in sheer luck and hours of rolling my face against the hardest bosses I can find in Inferno. Being able to log on here and there when you're busy and snag a quick chunk of cash isn't always a bad thing... Is it?
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dont know how people got" theres a dailie quest ooooo noooo", how in the world dose that convert from randomy scriped events, i have no idea, people just dont know the consept i guess.

edit http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3080308093 allready a topic on this
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85 Undead Warlock
The have dailies in WoW, because otherwise you would not log daily.

Diablo 3...come on...you're gonna log daily anyway, they won't need special quests.
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90 Undead Warlock
The only way I would want to see dailies, is later on when the level cap is higher, and they make it like in D2 that you had to baal run your !@# off, just to get and tad more on your exp bar..
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08/29/2011 07:57 PMPosted by Fueghan
I could see Inferno dailies being a good thing, or even a repeatable quest rather than a daily. Say it rewarded a loot bag with gold and a good chance of gems/runes/items etc., but it required killing a random boss (or maybe even more than 1 boss). This would help make sure no one part of the game ends up being farm central.

Eventually this would be like doing meph runs or countess runs imo. Even with random bosses. You know there are random events right?

too late man, they removed stat points so its pretty much wow, im very disapointed that blizzard would even consider this. Now kids can go use "dad's master card" and become the best funny char out there. without bothering making a build perfect and suited for the EXACT high end gear.
might as well add daily quests, a roll play realm while we're add it. ill play diablo 3, if the pvp is fun and challanging i might keep it otherwise i be jumping back to sc2 in a hurry.

You can already buy top tier gear in D2 and to an extent in WoW. Might as well be safer and easier than dropping crap in random games or xfering with people.

Honestly I hope it's as little like WoW as possible... as much as I've played the crap out of WoW, I'll always like D2 more.
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90 Worgen Hunter
The information is old now (from blizzcon '08 and '09), it was said that there would be randomized quests in the game, so each time you played you might get different quests. Since there has been no new info in this regard, i am assuming that this system is what we will see in release.

Going off of that, i believe that there will always be quests for us to do in the game. Whether we choose to do them daily, weekly or some other -ly is up to us. In effect, if you played everyday you would have quests everyday. If you played less often, you would obviously have quests less often. However, since the primary means of acquiring gear in diablo is through killing things and occasionally trading, i doubt people who only do quests once per month or something wont be any worse off than they already were simply by playing that little.

If you would like to know more about quests, the diablo wiki has a lot of great information and official statements made.
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I want daily quests, I don't play every day but would be nice if something "NEW" was happening. Just something to keep us tied down till next expansion.
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since d3 seems to be less 'get this one pwn item for this pwn build' and more ' different things for different things' what do you really lose with daily quests and such. I dont believe npcs will really give you anything vastly superior being as that defeats a main element of diablo.

do you lose exp for dailies you dont do or... I actually dont know and am curious as to what the issue with dailies is.
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In theory I don't have an issue to dailies if they provide something meaningful to the game play.

As some others have mentioned, the purpose of dailies is to keep people occupied with solo type stuff while they are LFG or waiting for a raid, or group, so they don't get bored, or devote their time to some other game while waiting for groups or raids. It gives people something to do during the monotonous hours when nothing else is going on. In WoW you CAN NOT get the best items without raiding and/or grouping. I include boxing in this category as well, because you are using more than ONE toon to accomplish the goal. Dailies usually also give you some small benefit, gold, appearance gear, new recipies, etc. In Diablo what would you get? a random piece of gear? You can get this by killing anything in the game as it is, so what's the point?

Since it is an entirely different genre of game, thats FREE TO PLAY after your initial investment, versus a game you PAY TO PLAY every month, there is no reason to keep you occupied month after month, because you will already have other reasons to keep grinding on.

A further example. In WoW,<insert expansion here>... Once you run the <whatever boss> encounter 23972 times, everyone in your guild has everything they want or need from the expansion and have nothing more to do. No chance at better gear, no chance to upgrade by killing the content for the 23973rd time. So, how to keep you interested? DAILIES! TRADESKILLS, and other solo/group stuff.

In diablo however, that 23973rd time might drop the 1/1,000,000 drop you were looking for.
So you now have a reason to keep playing, and trying to upgrade, or find other super rare perfect items. Dailies not needed. Your attention is already held. And, you can hop on for 15 minutes at lunch, or 14 hours after dinner. You don't have to wait around for friends, or a PUG to do anything.

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ok so heres a rebuttal, youre right, there is absolutely no reason to have daily quests in diablo 3, which is what youre thinking, youre thinking if dailies are done it would be exactly like wow. that doesnt have to be the case. dailies could be done like a super hard encounter, like the jar of souls that either only happens once a day or, say if you complete jar of souls within 10 seconds (or something, its an example) you get added rewards or access to another, more difficult encounter through a secret door/portal/etc.

daily quests would not make sense, daily encounters, which is to say, encounters which are special enough to only be able to happen 1x daily per character would make some pretty good sense.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
As far as that spreadsheet goes, I know people who LOVE that kind of stuff. Some people enjoy having systems in place to streamline their experience. Has he told you he hates and despises Blizzard for making him design a spreadsheet to track his progress with dailies?
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