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Closest Class to Amazon from D2?

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I figured the Demon Hunter is it. What do you guys think?
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
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how would anything but the demon hunter be anything like the amazon? no other class uses ranged weapons..
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i think the demon hunter is much more like the assassin than the zon. there is no class similar to the zon in d3 because zon was the weakest, most vanilla class in d2. i dont mean weak in actual strength but just "weak", like lame. there was just very very little variety for a zon, not much to do. you run around you shoot a bow. jav zons were pretty fun though.

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80 Orc Warrior
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D3's characters make reference to the D1 characters.

Warrior -> Barbarian (Because the actual Warrior is dead LOL)
Sorcerer -> Wizard
Rogue -> Demon Hunter
Monk -> Monk
?????? -> Witch Doctor

Probably Witch Doctor makes reference to DotA
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85 Tauren Hunter
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DH is really a combination of Sassy/Zon with some extra goodies thrown in. Bow skills, traps, gadgets and smexy vaulting \o/
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08/25/2011 04:49 PMPosted by Heimerdinger

this, haha.
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Well, the WD is obviously a reincarnate of the Necromancer.
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or none of the classes are really a reference to old characters because well, it's a new game and they wanted similar characters, because that is what worked. I don't see any referencing really....
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