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Monk Crit Build Possibilities

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Reposted from the main monk thread, figured this could have some interesting converstation on it's own.

Relevent Passives:
Frenzied Attack: (Requires Level 13) - When wielding two weapons, the Monk has 20% increased critical strike chance and 30% increased critical strike damage.
Superior Skill: (Requires Level 15) - Increases precision by 20%.
Weak Spot: (Requires Level 20) - Increases critical strike damage by 100%.

So this is clearly pre-emptive, but making some VERY moderate assumptions about gear it seems to me that for a pure damage build a crit focused monk is the way to go, in large part because there's only a handful of non-situational damage increasing traits otherwise.

Note that at low levels it's probably worth less, but once you start getting higher gear levels you can afford to really focus on +crit/precision and +crit damage gear.

Some quick assumptions here: I've heard that at base level the bonus damage on a critical hit is 50%. Let's assume crit damage is multiplicative like it is in WoW.

=120% damage on a crit from traits alone. (170% if we assume it's additive, but I think that's unlikely).

Now, there's a screen shot floating around of a 2 handed barbarian weapon with +30% crit damage on it, so it's not unreasonable to assume we will be able to get AT LEAST +30% crit damage from gear (probably much more, but I'll play it safe).


So at this point with some moderate assumptions we will be dealing +156% additional damage on a crit (or 256% of base damage).

So let's make a silly assumption here just to emphasize how big a number 156% extra damage on a crit is:
Let's assume we're starting with 0 crit rating - we never crit, ever for some silly reason.

Now we get a piece of gear with exactly 1% worth of crit rating on it. That's a full 1.56% average damage increase.

Now, from traits alone we get 20% crit chance, we'll probably have something like 5% base line and since we're focusing on crit/precision gear I think it's pretty safe to assume we can get AT MINIMUM 25% crit rating from gear (again, assuming we're going for crit all the way).

If each point of crit is worth about 1.56% increase damage from baseline and we can push 50% crit in high end gear - that's (50x1.56=78) a 78% increase in average damage with no conditions other than being spikey/slightly random.

And that's assuming we can only get 30% additional crit damage from gear, which seems pretty unlikely to me given that we've seen 1 item which gives 30% additional crit damage ON IT'S OWN. I find it much more likely that we'll probably be able to push our crit damage up to 230-250%, which makes each percentage of crit worth 2.3-2.5% of our baseline damage.

At lower gear levels it'll probably be safer to go with a straight attack / conditional trait build but crit and +crit damage scale AMAZINGLY well together.
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It been hard for me to decide which class I want to roll first but I will most definently be crit oriented in gear selection. The monk has won me over however, as it appears their playstyle will be more "artful" when compared to my other choice, the barbarian. I am slightly saddened that in order to have an effective crit build I will be forced into dual weilding, I was really looking forward to smashing things with a giant hammer or a sturdy bo staff.
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Definitely some great synergy going on there.

Lighting damage crits still stun right? I wonder if the lightning damage component to "Fists of Thunder" will work like this...
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Do skills get a chance to crit? I'm unfamiliar with the system. If they do, then this build will be much more effective (obviously). I don't see a way that a monk could get out of having some kinda skill that unleashes a bunch of fast strikes. Mores strikes means more chances to crit. Just my $0.02. Sounds fun and I'll definitely be experimenting with it.
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