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Multiple endings?

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Will there be more than just 1 ending to the game?
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multiple endings would make x2 xpacs fairly difficult especially if there's a lot of 'choice' in them
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This aint no Dragon age, fallout or Mass Effect...

ALTHOUGH in SC2 there were 2 points in which you could decide on course of action or other, maybe they will have a few choices to make to in Diablo 3? Some that might play out for a good/bad ending type of thing?
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SC2 had basic endings with a few different story paths. you **MIGHT** see that here, but with the campaign being multi-player it makes things.... tricksy-er.

I doubt the ending will change much, except based on class.
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Spoiler: Diablo dies.
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I would love to see the multiple path idea that SC2 did!
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09/04/2011 02:38 PMPosted by maniaxo
Spoiler: Diablo dies.

or not :]
dying and being destroyed are different things. he's died a lot already....but was never truly destroyed. so, he will die for sure...but will we destroy him? we'll know in a few months
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Most likely it will be a single ending.
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Shh!! Don't ruin it for me!!
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he had his soul trapped in a soulstone and destroyed at the hellforge I had thought. So, I guess he is pretty hard to get rid of since his name is the title of the game.
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Maybe this is Diablo in the same way that Flemeth's second appearance in DA2 is Flemeth.

Of course, if that's the case, someone who spends so much time setting up schemes to come back from the dead might do well to apply this acumen to winning. ;)
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