Diablo® III

Will this be your first time playing Diablo?

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Played Diablo 1 for Windows/Mac and PSX, Diablo 2 Win/Mac and soon D3 ;)
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I started with Diablo 2 and then went back later and played Diablo 1. I loved D2 back then and I hope D3 is as good or better.
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I've played diablo on many desert military deployments, the computers out there suck and there isn't any good internet connections. D2 was what we did to pass time.
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I was kind of young when Diablo 1 came out so I didn't play much of it, just messed around on my brothers game. I went back recently to play it again but it cd was missing from the case = / I'm looking to make Diablo 3 the first game in the series that I actually play through and beat.
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I've played since the original Diablo, despite the fact that everyone hacked the game and town killed you. I bought Diablo 2 and LoD on their respective release dates, and have played them ever since. I can honestly say that the only game, in which I have logged more hours, is Ultima Online.
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Played D2 since I was eight, been ten years... wow that's long O.o

Played D1 later on to see what I missed

Diablo is my favorite game series by far. I basically grew up with it :D
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been playing since day one
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I would like to play D1, but it's too old to run on my OS. I got into D2 and LoD a few years late, but it was still my favorite RPG. Can't wait for D3.
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Played since d1 released, lookin' forward to staying awhile and listening.
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08/24/2011 08:51 PMPosted by Baxxter
lookin' forward to staying awhile and listening

Haha same here :D
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I played and still play both Diablo I and II but much later when they were at their peaks. I'm excited to play Diablo III at release (and hopefully, beta!) and engage somewhat with a (hopefully good) community--I only played Diablo I & II with friends.
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It's cool to hear from other people :)
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i remember playing when i was still in 5th grade of elementry school.... id say maybe 1998? played till 2006!
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No played D1 and D2 and expansions.

Can't wait for D3 and Mists of Pandaria :P
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Diablo fan here! Also super excited for crafting *is a crafting nut*

...and how the story continues *lore nut*

...and to slaughter hoardes of baddies *wheeeeeeeeeee!! nut*.
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I have played and beat Diablo 1, 2, and LOD. I have been playing Diablo 2 for 10+ years. Also, have played roughly 4 hours totally of Diablo 3 demo at the last Blizzcon, Blizzcon 2010, and at least an hour's worth at Blizzcon 2009. i intend on doing nearly the same thing at this coming Blizzcon 2011. i will be in line nearly repeatedly. Those are my credentials to the series. And, i also hope to get into beta one way or another.

As for what I'm looking forward to.... I'm looking forward to everything this game has to offer. I have been looking forward to it for years. The runes are awesome, the enemies are great, the new characters and skills look to be uber fun, and the unprecedented auction house sounds amazing! Etc.
I feel as if this game will be the best game Blizzard has yet to release.
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I played Diablo 2 but I never finish it :.( and when I had 10 years old Diabo 2 was like imposible to play lol
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Who else remembers the D1 "Hellfire" spinoff?
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