Diablo® III

Tales of a Barbarian...


" 'Aillo li'le laddies, me name be Brundarg Choz FireAxe, but mee friends call me 'Old Buckchap.As most youngins' in the Hills of Neradoe, I live' a pre'y standard life. Me mum and me Dad are out dragin 'untin though... so I'm pre'y bored as most would think. Me friends are busy, learnin' about some thing called 'Gurls' I ain't never 'eard o' one so I don't be thinkin' they exist...But my friends do... so eh... I guess I'll write in here tommorow... That's what yee do in a dairy right?"

He puts down the book and quill tipped pen and goes to his room to play with his Grugnak the Hero and Ogre action figures...

*To Be continued*
*Every Day I'll write a new Diary entry. All spelling mistakes in this were done purposely. I think he sounds somewhat Irish.*
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"Me mom sent me to me room when she got 'ome... apperantly she got 'ad 'cause I killed her pet Spider.... I don't know that mom 'as a pet spider.... Anyways... I 'ink I should write in this since me mom took away my action figures..." He continues to doodle pictures of Barbarians killing ogres.

"Also me friends came by... they told me about the 'gurl' thingeh... Apperantly, me mum is actually a gurl! So they do exist.... Hm..." He draws long hair on the picture of the barbarian killing the ogre. "That's be better."
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Tales of a Dwarven Barbarian.
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"Diggy diggy hole!"
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85 Blood Elf Mage
I'm bookmarking this! ^.^
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