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Your First reference is to Japanese Pop Culture and is obviously extremely different from the topic at hand ... specifically in pretty much everything except "Angels and demons getting it on".

Your second reference is to something from a short story (Yes it's basically only slightly longer than my post here) from 2004 from an author probably no one on this forum has ever heard of. Good job? And even in this mega tiny short story (Silly as it is) happens to only get to the point by second generation (Which I duno really doesn't even make any sense given that you had one angel/demon hybrid having children with a bunch of pure angels and pure demons and hinting at the offspring being humans?)

Thirdly, no I didn't have to look this one up because I already knew the story. Their reference is when Angels (The Watchers) had sex with Human Women. Also not a direct tie into the argument because it's significantly altered and it's pretty well noted that Knaak makes references to old world and mythology (I mean come on, Uldyssian son of Diomedes?).

Fourthly, Chantinelle appears to be another one where an angel and demon get it on... but nothing referencing the child as being human. At least not in this source you listed.

Fifthly, In this you go back to to the one above while making it a separate entry?

Sixthly, again another separate entry just for the Author? Besides looking at his plot line it's about a super being that could rival God that's created by this union- not a human, and not creating humanity.

So let's summarize your work shall we? You have several references pointing to angels and demons creating offspring. None of them create humanity, or nephalem. And none of them are things that anyone outside of japanese popculture, a very specific comic book window, or .... whoever has happened to read that one short story of Silvia Hartmann?... has ever heard of.

Oh, did I mention that your basic references only point to 3 things all of which I've just explained are still a stretch from the topic at hand. I did ask that it at least be something we've heard of didn't I?

Since you went through all of the trouble of doing this extra work. I took the time to compare all of your points, and I also took the time to look at about 4 pages of your posts. It was a bit hard to get through, as they were consistantly either making fun of people for not agreeing with you, making fun of anything in the game having to do with lore in general, or asking questions that have already been well known.

I think what I'm asking here is, what single constructive thing have you done upon reaching the lore forums? Or the forums in general?
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Actually the people of sanctuary are the descendents of the Nephalem. Calling them Nephalem would be a fallacy as there's a huge difference between the average populace and one like Rathma.

The first born are known as the Nephalem only, and the subsequent generations are not called by that name for a reason. The ones who later became powerful due to the awakening of their latent gifts were called The Edyrem or "Those who have seen" but I'm sure you were all very aware of that.

If you're asking me what I've done that's constructive, you mean besides create bullet points for the entire book series almost and correct all of the floating misconceptions around the forums? Oh, absolutely nothing good sir.

But I'm sure you'd be very well aware of that, had you taken the time to read anything from me. The fact is you constantly change your tactic and want to create a personal fight since your points hold no water. You make an outrageous claim- and I debunk it. You get upset at the fact and claim that you're having to do all of the work. Or that somehow I'm in charge of proving your silly criticisms.

You additionally didn't even touch the point about mentioning a truly "original story" because most likely you'd be hard pressed to find one. The Lord of the Rings being a great example. Most of the context of that very famous fantasy book series isn't just a creation. It's taken from Norse Mythology and interwoven. Much of this book series also takes notes from mythology (mainly greek) to weave it all into an interesting and fun little tale.

I'm not saying don't have your own opinions, but if you're going to critique it, at least go about it in a more constructive manner.
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