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Rolling a guy or a girl? And Why??

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Male, don't want any nerds out there hitting on me.
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I'm rolling whatever the hero was introduced as. I find the original gender to be more canon and better suited for the role. That being said..

Male Monk,
Male Barb,
Male Witch
Female DH
Female Wiz

I'm making a monk so... male!
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Male. I like to play my true gender. It keeps me immersed in the story and gameplay.
A female demon hunter seems appealing though.
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90 Troll Hunter
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Fems all around!
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Barbarian, guy because he will be the same character from Diablo 2.

Monk, female because she will match the name of my favorite Paladin.

Witch Doctor, male because it is the best looking model in my mind.

Demon Hunter, female because looks better.

Wizard, female cuz Int classes are always girls, they're the smarter race.
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Male: Barb, WD, Monk
Female: DH, Wizard

Why? I don't really know!


Yeah that seems more fitting to me for some reason.
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Well im rolling a Female Demon hunter, The male reminds me too much of blood elf males. not a big fan.
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If the female models are smaller and make it easier to see what's going on (surrounded by enemies, traps, etc), then I'll probably play all females.
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Guy, because I'm a guy.

Not too hard to figure that out.
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08/25/2011 04:10 PMPosted by PwnedSoup
Male, don't want any nerds out there hitting on me.

what you think some guy going to hit on your female character oh my that is funny
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ill play the wizard in female only because i think looks cooler with the armor
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wizard (witch?) chick, why cause I'd rather look at a chick all day than a dude. I personally don't understand why dudes roll dudes. So they can role play them being masculine? youre playing a game where you get points for killing zombies and monsters in grotesque ways, its way better to watch a hot chick do that IMO.

that being said my barbarian and monk will be male... cause its badass.
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Girl, it is cool to build female characters since they seem more badass going up and killing everything compared to a guy killing.

I will have some male and some female characters. It will depend on the class :)
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Whichever I find the most appealing.
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Softcore all male.
Hardcore all female.
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Wizard -> 1 male, 1 female
Barbarian -> 1 male
Witch Doctor -> 1 male
Demon Hunter -> 1 male, 1 female
Monk-> 1 male or female, doesn't matter (which I'm not really looking forward too but I'm gonna give a try)
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All girls... with stripper names. Watch out Diablo, Roxy, Lexus, Misty, Candy, and Mindy are coming for you!!!
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