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Auction House, Real Money?

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I was rather happy to hear there will be a auction house and you will be able to sell items for real money, But this has also created a issue blizzard has had in passed games. World Of Warcracft and Diablo II has been having problems with Botters for quite some time and seems the issue is never resolved. I can see it already the auction house being flooded by constant botters. So just a question to Blizzard. Can they even stop it?
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Impossible to tell good sir :-)

With the money from the RMAH being 'inside blizzards system' through the entire process, im sure certain accounts will get a second, third, fourth look over. Its a lot easier to attack the real bad guys when you can see their money.

So, they'll have all their current tools, plus the extra scope and perspective that seeing the money gives them.

This leaves the illegals a few choices, play the RMAH and risk their bank accounts being banned, their money being seized, etc.... OR.... they have to avoid the RMAH altogether and stick to their current bag of tricks.

Overall I would say they are slightly ahead of where they have been for a while as a result :-)
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Blizz if RMAH is going to b in the game how will the players set up an acct.? Is it through blizz or a 3rd party like paypal? Will there b a charge 4 listing?
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when a bot codder can program a bot to search dungeons for the randomly spawned champions and elites that will have the best gear.. then botting will be a problem ..
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All botters will do is make things cheaper for me, unless they only dump gold into the system but then gold will be worth less.
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