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Ok I got a email today about beta


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you crazy that there only going to do 1 beta that 2-3 weeks long lol !!!

it will run like this

1: load test see if servers can hold alot of people at 1 time most likley 2000-3000 logins minor bug reporting not alot will happen during the press/expanded beta

2: second beta most likley will happen in October near blizzcon a much cleaner versiion of beta all act 1 maybe some pvp testing this beta will include preorder people witch also tests on a larger number on the servers. last maybe a week

3RD will be november much larger beta even maybe all up to act 3 general public beta final test of servers to a heavy load and bug cleaning will last atlest a week

4th beta last beta mid december all but act 4 final boss world wide beta event to test all servers before going live mid january or very early febuary.

I have done alot of beta testing and some alpha testing this is a model timeline of testing a big game like this

Your crazy. Jay has clearly stated they want to reveal very little about the story and content. I do not see them opening up any more past act 1 of what they open up from the beginning.
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He refuses to show the beta invitation email he received and talks like a troll. I'm pretty sure that he is a troll and a pretty damn good one at that.
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lol I goto sleep and wake up the next day to still be called a troll OMG lol believe what ya want !!
I have not fought anyone on there thoughts all I did was ask a question to blue and it turned into hell on earth witch for what I get from everything is not till next weekend" just kidding dont take tha and run with it". look guys I have better things to do then troll you. check all my posts and threads on here and jsp you see I dont put out false info

blue won't reply since if they do, in their eyes, it will be like admitting beta is starting officially and ppl will go apes**t. Just look at this thread, you haven't posted anything and ppl already went crazy.

If you really got the email, post it, content and screenshot. Blizzard will not ban you for doing this. It's an open beta, no NDA. They wouldn't ban you for posting legit material. Many press confirmed that they got their inv, did they get banned? No. So, same old story, post it or it didn't happen, although I'm sure people will still be skeptical even it's real.
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No invites have been sent. When we are sending invites we'll let you know.
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