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Ok I got a email today about beta


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08/31/2011 01:29 PMPosted by Wulf
...which they are not

I know that part. I was an attendee. I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't miss out on potential beta access because of the lack of an e-mail attached to my account.
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sixen confirmed that blizzcon attendees have not gotten them yet. So the OP got trolled. So we should all vote this thread as troll
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08/31/2011 01:34 PMPosted by Morningrise
I don't think he's trolling. Just phished.

He specifically said he confirmed it with someone over the phone. I'd say that definitely qualifies as trolling if this turns out to be fake.
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The easiest way to find out...wait till tomorrow. He said the emails for blizzcon beta's were supposed to go out tomorrow, but a few went out early. If we hear nothing tomorrow, then its a troll.
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A response from SIXEN is far off from confirmation of anything.

He does not work for Blizzard.

But he does run http://diablo.incgamers.com/ and I think they would know.

This is so hilarious to me. I don't know if you're doing this on purpose or not, but either way I crack up every time I see it.
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A response from SIXEN is far off from confirmation of anything.

He does not work for Blizzard.

But he does run http://diablo.incgamers.com/ and I think they would know.

lol'ed so hard at this... diablo.incgamers, really?
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Yeah anything from sixen means nothing he doesnt work for blizz.

even though you where tricked op
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no he does not work for incgamers, he works for diablofans. lololol
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It should be a very simple matter for you to just post a screenshot of the e-mail. Otherwise no-one will believe you. It doesn't have to be the whole thing, just enough so we can be sure its somewhat legitimate.
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BlizzCon e-mails are not going out. Only Press/Fansite.
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Where did you get this confirmation from?

That is not a confirmation of anything relevant to this thread. The OP already stated that Blizzcon invites aren't going out, so Sixen just stated what we already knew....

Just to clarify something...

Sixen does not work for Blizzard.
Sixen does not inherently have any more information about anything D3 related than anyone else.

If an email went out earlier today from Blizzard to a few people by mistake then the ONLY way Sixen would have more information than the rest of us is if someone from Blizzard contacted him, or he contacted them and they responded. He did not say that he did so, and his post does NOT address what the OP is claiming happened in regards to an accidental email in any way.

Sixen is right, Blizzcon Beta emails are not officially going out. This does not mean that a beta email did not accidentally go out to someone. So until he specifically says he has confirmation of this from Blizzard his post really doesn't have any bearing on this issue at all.
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calm down guys the lady on the phone might of thought it was a press invite I dont know but calling me a troll and trying to just make people rage was not what I was trying to do all I was ask blue about this email.

1: I said I was at blizzcon 2010 this email said I got the invite because of being there what made me think it could be true and I want to check.

2: If you look at all my posts here I never troll

3: thank you Sixen for imforming us I hope this email is real but if not blizzard need to tell everyone that there phishing going on for blizzcon people about there beta keys

Try not to let everyone's rabid reactions bother you too much, we're all just starving for beta information and it brings the worst out in people.

Sixen "confirming" something is not really an official confirmation by any stretch of the imagination. Don't go throwing your email away and don't get all bummed out that it might be fake. Approach it with cautious optimism? As others have said, just be EXTREMELY careful of clicking any links in emails.
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