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Alternative Demon Hunter/Monk Resource Colors


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09/01/2011 09:24 AMPosted by Nich
I think the black color the eye isn't aware of when focusing on other parts of the screen.

Could do something like I said previously, have white orbs floating in the black side and black orbs floating in the white side, to help portray ying/yang, ;).
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I like it the way it is. It's more like dark orange / purple blue black and not juste red/blue.
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09/01/2011 09:41 AMPosted by Sixen
I think the black color the eye isn't aware of when focusing on other parts of the screen.

Could do something like I said previously, have white orbs floating in the black side and black orbs floating in the white side, to help portray ying/yang, ;).
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The particles in the Wizard orb are what make it the coolest resource. Would like to see the same done for the other classes so like this idea.
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I personally think the jedi/sith idea sounds pretty neat. Maybe deep red/ white or deep red/ tan would be best. I'm not super for black/white. It suggests yin/yang style, and that is something completellllllllllyyyy different than discipline/hatred, and wouldn't mesh with the Demon Hunter Lore well at all.

Basically anything that portrays the idea of the Demon Hunter is great for me. I'm not personally super into the current DH resource coloration, but I'm definitely more for it than just Black/White.

TLDR I like dark red/ with a pristine whitish silvery color, or a steady tanish style. Monk would obviously get the vice versa
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I think we are nitpicking now, and starting to ruin something that's already pretty excellent. I thought Black and White would be good also, but there's a clear issue with that. White with black spots isn't much different from black with white spots. It rids the two sides of their striking difference which I find to be key for that class resource. Plus, yin/yang isn't really that appropriate for the class, nor the lore. It'd fit more if the resource was a balancing act as was somewhat speculated, but it isn't.

The Red and Blue we have now wouldn't work if they were just that, red and blue, but they aren't. They have a deep blackness to them which reflects the darkness harboring within all Demon Hunters from their troubled pasts and representing what lengths they will go to to slay the hordes from hell.

I don't think changing the Monk's color is appropriate since White is just about as perfect as you can get for that globe. The only thing I have come to agree with is a change for the Witch Doctor. I think that could be for the better. Although, I will miss mana.
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@Seralla: That's very true, however when red and blue are compared to each other, I don't feel like there's a big difference like there is in white and black. The point is that the DH is supposed to represent two completely different ends of the spectrum as well.
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I do like the black and white but since black is hatred to make it better portraied instead of it just floating around if it were thrashing around and having random speed bursts, while having discipline flow smoothly.
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The resource system I have the biggest problem with is the Witch Doctor's. Mana is so much the norm and doesn't feel interesting enough to be matched with the character. I agree with many people that it would be better green, it should be more disturbing looking.

I would like a change to the Monk resource, if only the look of the orb. I can't blame people for all the sexual references they're making to it, as it does look pretty suggestive, as well as bearing the name "spirit". Not to mention it builds up and doesn't go away 'til it gets released. I would like it to look more luminescent, like moving lights, rather than a milky substance >_<

I agree that the DH resource could be more creative. Enough of red and blue everything.
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Demon Hunter is not Taoist and does not need a ying/yang feel.

I'm thankful that the 'fans' aren't the ones developing this game.
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09/01/2011 02:23 PMPosted by Jagdhund
I'm thankful that the 'fans' aren't the ones developing this game.

Thank you for saying this. These threads are ridiculous.
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I'm thankful that the 'fans' aren't the ones developing this game.

Thank you for saying this. These threads are ridiculous.

I concur.

Edit: Also, good to see you gentlemen again.
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Sixen, I liked the dark red and white mock-up the best. I think that black is too plain to truly represent hatred. Black says death to me and when you feel hate you feel very alive with an intense emotion.

If it is supposed to be like reckless rage then I would say a very very very dark red would be better because it gives me the sense of blood boiling. Red is like the color of passion. Ever hear the terms "crimson rage" or "burning hatred"? Both evoke the color red.

Red gives it a more brooding sort of feeling like someone sitting there getting worked up with anger; heart beating until their face turns dark red. You want it to be like a sith lord right? Well what color are their lightsabers? What color do they use for face paint? What color do Anakin's eyes turn when he is pissed? Not black.

But like I said it shouldn't be a bright red it should be dark, like even darker than in your mock-up. Just not so dark that it just looks like some kind of necrotic magic, which is what it would look like if it was just pure black. If you want necrotic then go to the witch doctor.

I know you think that red/blue isn't enough of a contrast so just scratch blue or maybe make it a more steel/silvery lighter blue and have the red be very dark. Then they will contrast really well in terms of color and brightness.
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What about Red and Blue, but with a fiery and a watery effect respectively? Seems cool to me =D
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TL;DR section / how to skip ahead to the appropriate section for you.

After reading more of this thread, I suppose I can say a little more on the subject. The orbs are up on the right of my screen so I can speak on what I see again and what I've remembered said here. If you don’t want to read over every class, just go for the bulleted, underlined names and read about what interests you most.

--- -- - -- --- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - --

  • Barbarian: I love the powerful fire look. It looks explosive and volatile. I really didn’t have much here to say as it was the first one before I got revved up below, but it’s just perfect how it reflects this quick action feeling. It’s like staring into a raging fire or almost into the sun. It’s destructive and yet contrasts well with the demon hunters dark red hate with a more brooding yet destructive feel to it.

  • Demon Hunter: The half and half thing is really unique and I love that. The darkness in both is suiting if you think about it. Demon hunters are said to be immune to the effects of demon tainted powers. This thus allows them to utilize that power to their advantage. Their power is inhuman. Thus you have this dark, fiery, raging power which has a good, unique difference from the rage color of the barbarian orb. The darkness in hate is suiting.

    Then you must realize that demon hunters need a balance to keep them in check. They aren’t exactly white magic people or yin yang people with one half dark and one half light. This dark blue shows a resistance to evil. A way of er um I don’t know. It’s just an idea I’m going with. You might pull a spin on it that the over all darkness in the orb as a whole is that demon like darkness that would consume. The fiery orange is one way of focusing that power in destructive but uncorrupted fashion while the blue is a more peaceful, defensive measure of managing the darkness.

    One may say the colors themselves are not important but that it is only hate and discipline. Fire has a good feel of hate at times and bluish hues are more calm. And this is shown while making sure you have colors that stand out without giving the wrong meaning. Black doesn’t stand out well in a game this dark and black/white is not what demon hunters are about. It’s too oriental. In this idea of heaven vs hell, the given colors are highly appropriate and appeasing to the eye.

  • Monk: That color is perfect. If I saw a blindingly white orb in place there in this dark game, I’d be offended and bored of it. Many hues over the years have been used to represent spirit ranging from blue, red, white, and such. Considering the nature of monks to be disciplined and spiritual people and what I feel more neutral people, this color says it all. They are not holier than thou people nor hateful. This vanilla color of the sorts does have very balanced feel to it. And that really does say enough for the idea of monks. Balance. The word “neutral” may be a bit misleading and hint towards pacifists or one who doesn’t want to get involved. And perhaps a monk could be described as such. But perhaps think of that word in relation to “balance.” And how perhaps the vision of monks is to stay uninvolved unless things are out of balance to where they are needed to avoid a hellish take over (which they are in this realm).

  • Witch Doctor: Mana! So very classic this is. I don’t have a problem with it, and I feel Diablo III wouldn’t be quite the same if we completely got rid of mana simple to suit original idea or something non mana like. These voodoo hoodoo type people use magic and mysticism. It’s perfect! Green to me would have more of a necromancer feel.

    Remember the spirit hue thing earlier if you read it? Green would have this lost soul / souls of the dead feel to it like unto what necromancers would rely much upon in their power. Like how wizards rely upon control of the a certain quantity of latent arcane power, necromancers would focus on that dead soul like presence. Green isn’t a bad color in that sense for the doctor since they do have this management over the dead, but I feel green sort of narrows it down too far to just dead stuff. That’s not completely the witch doctor way I feel to simply manage control over the dead. Magic is the core for them and blue mana colorizes that well. One more thought is that they don't necessarily call upon the dead, but use magic to reanimate the contents of the earth where bodies once laid. The undead wall or undead crawling up to fall upon their prey could simply be magically strewn together corpses with no spirit really called into them. Those crawler things that follow the doctor around may not have a soul but simply be magically animated corpses bound to the mental will of the doctor to impress upon their minds his commands.

  • Wizard: As I already hinted on in the WD section, I feel this exotic multitude of color really speaks for arcane power. I feel this idea of wizards drawing upon latent, arcane power is great. Its in the wizards DNA or training of mind or whatever that gives them focus to harness this power. Don’t ask me to separate that from mana. But hey feed your wizard well and give them the glucose levels to think up damage blasts from the arcane.

--- -- - -- --- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - ----- -- - --

So that’s my take on it all. It’s all really a matter of perspective. Y’all can look at it one way and think the way you want, and Blizzard concludes at a certain point on what they feel as a collective what it all means, and things move on. I feel the colors given really do speak well and do not ask for changes them.
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09/01/2011 09:41 AMPosted by Sixen
I think the black color the eye isn't aware of when focusing on other parts of the screen.

Could do something like I said previously, have white orbs floating in the black side and black orbs floating in the white side, to help portray ying/yang, ;).
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I like the Black idea as well! But how about Silver instead of white? (Silver n' Black... sounds like a good combo to me)

As for anything Green... I think they are saving that for an expansion. It very well could have been the Witch Doctor color, but they went with traditional Mana Blue. (On that note... blue will always represent Mana.) I think Green will be for a nature class... probably a Druid of sorts that they might be planning for the expansion.
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The decision to go with the colors chosen for Hatred and Discipline was made very carefully, and after a good deal of deliberation. In a lot of instances, it came down to what wouldn't work, as opposed to what would work.

White and black, for example, would be bad. One purpose of the color scheme is to ensure it's very readable when your focus is on the game world and not the UI. Given the dark vibe of Sanctuary and the way the UI fits in with that feel, black simply wouldn't pop out at all. It'd be much more difficult to track your Hatred (which is the resource you'll be managing most frequently) peripherally when background colors are so frequently on the darker end of the color spectrum. Just the same, the suggestion of white for Discipline seems only to stand in contrast to black which, again, just wouldn't work.

Hatred was given a deep red color to give it plenty of distinction from barbarian Fury, plus red is just an angry color (refer to my avatar and personality). We also mixed in a bit of black with the red to further push Hatred toward the demon hunter's color kit.

Now, given that both resources are displayed in a single globe, it's really important to us that the colors effectively oppose one another. Unlike the color red thematically fitting Hatred, Discipline isn't a concept that has such a universal color representation. As such, the most important thing becomes readability. And the best way to make sure Discipline stands apart from Hatred is to make it color opposite, which is blue. White could have been used, but it would overpower the red-colored Hatred due its value strength (we want the values to be close together) and white doesn’t support the notion of these concepts being opposed to one another. And once again we mixed in some black with the blue to fit with the demon hunter color kit.

So Sixen, with all of the above perspective and design thinking in mind, is there still a strong feeling we should change these resource colors? Before you answer that, I'll also note that the colors of Hatred and Discipline do tie in thematically to many of the demon hunter's abilities. You'll see a lot of abilities that cost Hatred have red hues, while Discipline abilities have a blue and sometimes purplish effect (purple wasn't chosen for the resource orb since it shares red properties).

While I await Sixen's answer to my above question, I'll ask everyone else: should the beta be delayed further for Sixen so we can overhaul the resource orbs and color kits for demon hunter ability effects? :p

The bottom line is the look of the resource orbs is easy to pick at when you stare at them in the article I wrote, especially given you can't currently play the game to find something else to discuss. But their colors weren't chosen under the idea that you'd be staring directly at them -- they were chosen so you can effectively manage your resources peripherally while focusing on killing lots and lots of dudes!


- The current colors were chosen so you can easily distinguish them while focusing on the game world.
- Red is a color of anger, perfect for the Hatred a demon hunter feels for adversaries.
- Blue is more a color of calming, reflecting the Discipline a demon hunter has for advanced combat tactics and strategies.
- Sixen is a weirdo. :D
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