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Builds that you'd create...

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curious to see what builds you guys would create using the skills/abilities that you've seen thus far... if you dont know the name of the ability jsut describe it.

to get us started this would be the build for my mage

  • decintigrate (hope I'm spelling that right) for long range

  • mana armor (or mage armor, whichever its called) for defensive and because when you use it in conjunction with decintigrate it looks FREAKIN SICK

  • The thing where lightning shoots from ur fingertips at short range for frontal aoe for small groups of close targets

  • ray of frost (i think it is) with the rune that makes it do a circle around the wizard instead of a beam for if i get surrounded

  • and for passives, sry i forgot these but I'd use:

    glass cannon (increases damage by 20% but decreases armor by 20% as well)

    astral presence (increases arcane power by 20%)

    And probably unstable energy, which knocks back anyone it hits when you go under 20% health
    that or I'd use black ice (inc damage on frozen targets by 20%) or expert defense (inc defense by 20%) to make up for glass cannon
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    id create a monk that ate lots of tacos.. and worked at taco bell on Tuesdays to buy more tacos from the place he worked!

    good build yea?
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    id create a monk that ate lots of tacos.. and worked at taco bell on Tuesdays to buy more tacos from the place he worked!

    good build yea?

    Taco Tuesday Buff: +20% bonus to deliciousness, -10% hunger.
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    My friends and I have been discussing stuff and our party will probably consist of Wizard (me), a Witch Doctor, and either 2 Monks or 1 Monk and 1 Barbarian. The Monk and Barb will obviously be up front soaking damage and WD pets will provide a lot of cannon fodder, allowing me to go towards a glass cannon build.

    //Subject to change once I know how runes affect Wizard skills//


    Requires Level: 6
    Lightning arcs from the Wizard's fingertips towards an enemy, dealing Lightning damage.

    Requires Level: 12
    Emanate a beam of pure energy, dealing Arcane damage per second and disintegrating enemies it kills.

    Slow Time
    Requires Level: 16
    Warps space and time, slowing nearby monsters and projectiles for X seconds.

    Requires Level: 18
    Teleport instantly to the selected location.

    Requires Level: 19
    Creates a multi-headed Hydra that attacks your enemies with bolts of fire, dealing Fire damage per attack for X seconds.

    Requires Level: 26
    Call down shards of ice around an area, dealing Cold damage per second.


    Required level: 10
    Increase casting speed by 10%

    Glass Cannon
    Required level: 13
    Increases damage dealt by 20%, but reduces armor by 20%

    Piercing Attacks
    Required level: 25
    Reduces the magical resistances of enemies by 20%.
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    A ridiculous barbarian build with NO WEAPON ATTACKS!!!!!!

    Ground Stomp
    Requires Level: 1
    Shakes the ground, stunning all nearby enemies.

    Ignore Pain
    Requires Level: 4
    Reduces all damage taken by a percentage and grants immunity to root, snare, and stun effects for X seconds.

    Threatening Shout
    Requires Level: 9
    Shouts with great ferocity, reducing damage done by nearby enemies by a percentage for X seconds.

    War Cry
    Requires Level: 14
    A terrifying cry that generates Fury and increases the armor of the Barbarian and all nearby party members.

    Requires Level: 23
    Grants the Barbarian a speed boost for X seconds.

    Requires Level: Around 24-26
    Shakes the earth violently, causing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

    Iron Skin
    Requires Level: Level 10
    Increases armor by 100%.

    Expert Defense
    Requires Level: 20
    Increases defense by 20%.

    Requires Level: 23
    Increases vitality by 20%.
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    I have a feeling that slow time/teleport will become a staple of most wiz builds. They seem REALLY good together.
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