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Blizzard, you must be aware by now that there are A LOT of angry people playing your games. These forums have been pretty civil in my opinion thus far, but if there is one thing i cannot stand it is a nasty poster.

I want the option to ban peole from posting on my threads. It's my thread and if i over use it my conversation suffers. But i have no patience for some of the just mean spirited people posting in here.

At least on a thread to thread basis, let me kick someone out of the conversation if i dont like the way they handle themselves in it.

I know you guys have a code of conduct but you dont have to use vulgar language to be just a plain jerk.

We're on here spending leisure time trying to discuss ideas about a game we are excited about, and you guys simply cant police them to friendliness.

So let me do it for myself
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Yeah, that won't be abused... ...at all.
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Ok I have an opinion and anyone that disagrees I will just ban them. Fail thread.
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who cares if it gets abused? why make a thread if you banned everyone else from writing in it? that problem takes care of itself. Only the OP has the ability to do this so it comes down to him. If he wants to ban everyone, then no one will read his thoughts as his posts will fall down to page ten in a couple minutes.
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not sure but I think maybe the thumbs up and down get the attention of the mods and they remove/take note?
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08/25/2011 05:34 PMPosted by iNsJunk
Ok I have an opinion and anyone that disagrees I will just ban them. Fail thread.

you guys are not thinking this through. if someone were to ban everyone simply for disagreeing, then what would they be left with? no threads. With this, if you abuse, you lose. You cant gain anything from locking everyone out.

This isnt a QQ thread, no one said anything to me personally or trashed any of my ideas or suggestions. I just read other peoples threads and see so much nasty negativity and its just a bummer. If people cant be calm and civil when discussing a damn video game then wth...honestly
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