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how many expansion pack should this game have

so i wonder if this game would have the same expansion as d2? and what would be some features in the expansion pack. i know its too early to tell since the beta isn't even here yet!
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I do believe at some point they stated that there are 2 planned expansions one being a 5th act and another being new characters. Though I'm to fat and lazy to go hunt down a source. I like these ideas, would also think an expansion centered around inferno difficulty would be a good idea. Added inferno random quest and a whole lot of new items with unique affixes. The rune system also presents a unique opportunity to modify existing class skill options without forcing players to create new characters. Acouple new super rare types of rune hidden in new dungeons/quest would keep people hunting the whole of sanctuary in inferno just like they want
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the level cap in D3 is also 60, and the level cap of monsters is 61 so there is "always a challenge" I can imagine they will have atleast 2 expansions to bring players up to 100 and also the introduction of more difficulties to cater the players who reach level 61 in the first expansion. In a conference I saw with blizzard they stated that they wanted to make sure that there is enough content for the range of player levels provided. They also said a problem they noticed in D2 was that there was very little content for the amount of "grinding" you had to do to reach max level.
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I hope they don't make more difficulty levels and instead have the monster level raise with yours in inferno once they raise the level cap. 4 difficulties is aplenty.
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As Redeamed said, they wouldn't need to add new difficulties as they could just up the level as well as increasing the difficulty of the newly added act (or acts, however they choose to do it.)

I imagine we'll see additional forms of endgame content before the expansions, so they may add more content there and the talisman/charms are most likely going to be pushed back to one of the expansions. LoD brought a lot of game changing mechanics to play when it launched so I'm sure there are some other really big changes they've got planned that we haven't even thought about.
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LoD was pretty old school though, I feel after the company's experience with the world of warcraft franchise they may take it in the same direction they did there adding whole new areas to each act and more acts in general. I like what was being said about the whole rune system though, placing something super rare hidden in the inferno that would give you a new power would be pretty awesome but... It would shatter the balancing in PvP if a select few people had a skill that no one else had and was probably something really difficult to counter. However with the leveling system of runes they could put a new one in for all and just make the strongest of it harder to get I suppose.
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I thought DIablo 2’s expansion was pretty substantial. I am completely open to the idea of Diablo 3 expansions. As for how many they should have, i think 1-3 is a fair amount. considering they will continuously be adding patches to improve gameplay.
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The release calendar showed 2. Each about a year out. Id like to see 1 character and 1 new act each minimum. I would also love to see content patches for D3, new dungeons and gear and monsters every so often, just like wow. Id gladly pay for a beefy content patch ($5 or so)
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Blizzard did say they don't care about pvp balancing but it would make the most sense to scatter the different levels of a new rune as evenly as they did the other runes. maybe a new artisan but I'll have to ponder a while on what it could possibly be.
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I like the idea of expanding the others acts and gaining a new one with an expansion rather than just having a new one. LoD was good, but it didn't do much for the earlier part of the game except adding new characters (which is still good). Adding new game modes (horde like) could be fun too.
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I would prefer to see a few expansion characters as possible and more expansion content (such as extra acts and extra spells for existing characters). Adding too many extra characters can make balancing a headache.
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I would like to see as many expansions as they care to make. I don't want them to rush into Diablo 4, leaving this game behind, because it took them so freaking long to make this game already. Let's enjoy this and add as much to it as we can.
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I hope they keep the expansions and new content continuous. Keep the game live and fresh, always adding something here and there. They should have questing available all the way to max level imo.
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I'd like to see a couple added Acts and maybe 2 added classes...more if possible, but then I'd be worried about watering them down...and I don't want that.


Loot, level cap, classes, acts
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Just one, ;). Let's say the expo adds Acts 5 and 6, increases the max level, and adds some new classes as well.
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There should be 4 expansions minimum:

1: raise level cap to 70
2: raise level cap to 80
3: raise level cap to 90
4: raise level cap to 100

Each expansion should add: new items, new crafting recipes, increase the level and capabilities of artisans, new randomized events, new areas to existing Acts, new quests.
At least one expansion should add a new Act with story relevant content.
At least 2 new classes, with at least 2 new character slots each.
At least 1 new rune type added at some point.

I don't think we need more difficulty levels. The way Inferno would work is, it would cap depending on what expansion you were playing. If vanilla, it would be level 61 monsters, if expansion 1, then 71, etc.
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I hope there is more than just one act per expansion. This is strictly a solo or party based game.
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This is strictly a solo or party based game.

How many other options are there?
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How many expansion packs should this game have?

All of them.
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Well considering the Expantion for D2 and the amount of time the game retained users on average who purchased the expansion pack and stopped playing at whatever point.

Which in case the only numbers i would have to go on are mine, my wifes, my two brother in laws, a few nephiews and friends i know.
Suggestion for a 10 year span would be 4-7 expantions depending on one a year or one every two years depending on sales and marketing and ofcourse userbase want for the expansion content.

Now if we look at WoW and account for the time line of its expansions to its peak user rate and fall out "If any or much of" we would see what they might have planned or forsee what could possibly be the case.

Just give me all of them, id buy one a year if the price was pleasing.
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