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Discution on your taught about the look and feel of the Demon Hunter.

The Demon Hunter, unlike other, more polished classes, feels rushed and incomplete.

My Opinion:
I had a lot of trouble choosing what class to play and after a long debate with myself I ended up picking the Wizard instead of the Demon Hunter.

My choice did not come easy, I love the idea of shooting crossbows and bows but after seeing the design choices on the demon hunter I felt that a lot of the other Classes like the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor where much more polished.

What ruined the Demon Hunter for me was when I saw his armor set, it had huge plates of metal on his forearms and gigantic shoulder pads. This is tipically something that a ranged class would not have due to practicalty. I do think it's fine to break the mold of reality and change that but the armor was so extravagant in all the wrong places that it felt more anime then anything else.

My other problem was with the resource system. Now, it's fine to have a dual resource and to be honest it seems fun but the look of it certanly is not. I am not offering any solutions but perhaps a sphere may not be the best choice for this one.

REF [Demon Hunter]: http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/characters/demonhunter.xml
REF [Resource for DH]: http://www.youtube.com/user/ForceSC2strategy?feature=chclk#p/c/5C2F514ECED855CA/3/_SkYuLq0xaE
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I'd imagine any particular artistic direction was purposeful. I don't think there are 'huge plates of metal on his forearms', I think they are quite thin. But if you are worried he looks to anime then why are you going for the Wizard? That is probably the most anime class, I mean look at the male Wizard, he has long hair and elfish face. And the female Wizard with her dirty 'suspender-armor' I mean really...

Anyway, I'm probably going to play a male DH with a bow.
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male DH with double crossbow here...

I think the male DH's gloves at the diablo3 site is kinda big...

I'd assume his gloves aren't all that big... I hope so.

But anyway, I think male DH FTW, the char looks pretty neat
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On the website, the size proportion vs his actual arm is ridiculous. Not to mention the clipping that I hate so much.
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I wouldn't worry about anything not being polished especially the characters.
about the armor, when playing the game in isometric view I'm sure all armor will look amazing.
They didn't spend this much time polishing the game for it to be flawed.
Male Demon Hunter w/ Windforce bow ftw!
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09/02/2011 02:44 PMPosted by Sword
when playing the game in isometric view I'm sure all armor will look amazing.

Except on the chest, he has more armor then the Paladin.

09/02/2011 11:03 AMPosted by Alimentum
But if you are worried he looks to anime then why are you going for the Wizard?

Wizards can pull it off, you expect them to be crazy just look at the Necromancer's armor.

The DH should represent range and mobility. So far, his thin look and abilities represent that very well but the armor just break that feeling.

A good character class is created by giving it limitation since this will create tension and force the player to adapt to the situation at hand differently.It's all well and good to bend the rules of logic but when the player starts to expect anything and no longer feels the tension that made that class so fun is when you enter the real of bad design.
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About the large arm thing, I'm guessing they wanted to keep some hint of having the demon arm from the early stages of the class.
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You're not looking at it in the proper light. The armor is a little big for a ranged class yes I'll give it to you and that's doubly sure with all the acrobatics that a character of this class is constantly doing. However it's not just about practicality if it was the barbarians would all be dead for fighting demonic fire in loin clothes. The demon hunter has an image to uphold something that not only inspires awe in others but manages to strike fear into a demon, plus look at how they recruit... You can roll up in nothing but light leather blacks and a nicely tuned crossbow and kill a few demons but if you want to make a lasting impression on the survivors and have them consider joining the hunters then you're going to need to show a little flair!
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09/04/2011 03:03 PMPosted by StonedPuppy
if it was the barbarians would all be dead for fighting demonic fire in loin clothes

I forgot Conan was wearing plate mail.
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