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The reason why I am picking the Demon Hunter

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For the past few days I have read many threads on why people are picking the Demon Hunter as a class. The reason why I started my own thread instead of responding on others is because I believe I have a very different and unique reason in why I am picking this class.

(Contains Lore Spoilers)
When I first played Diablo I was around 12 years old. Unlike the majority of kids, I was very mature. I always ended up playing the most darkest and bloody games. Diablo was one of those games. The thing I loved about Diablo then the other universes (Warcraft & Starcraft) was that Diablo was Gothic. It really had a unique vibe towards it. I mean sure there were other games that created the CRPG genre like for an example Baldur's Gate. But Diablo was really different because it was a Dark Fantasy RPG. In Diablo, I honestly loved all the three classes. The dark environment was the true excellence of the game and the anti hero concision was both shocking and fascinating.

When Diablo 2 came out, I really didn't get the chance to pick up and play the game. Around 2004 is when I found out that Diablo had a 2nd part to it. When I played Diablo 2 I still felt the Darkness from the previous game, but there in some parts it was very bright (Act 2). However the thing that was the most intriguing in Diablo 2 was that your hero in this game was pretty much hunting down your old one. Besides that there were three different aspects of the classes in Diablo 2. Heroic Classes, such as the Sorceress and the Paladin. Neutral classes, such as the Barbarian, Druid and Amazon. Then the Dark and Mysterious classes such as the Assassin and the Necromancer.

Since I was a huge fan of the Gothic feeling that Diablo provided I wanted to choose a class that would make the game more darker and mysterious. I decided to go with the Necromancer. I loved the fact that the class was complete anti hero. It was a class that used dark magic and undead minions to destroy demons. Many times whenever you would socialize with the characters in the game, you would be shunned down because you wield the same power as the demons did. "Oh its a necromancer dammit" or "I don't agree on how you use dark magic to destroy demons". That anti hero feeling for me made the game fun for me.

Now after 7 years of waiting for so long, Diablo 3 was announced in 2008. When I first saw the game play video I was really happy that they brought back the barbarian. However when I saw that they pretty much replaced the necromancer with the witch doctor I was sadden and pretty much believed that there wouldn't be a Anti Hero class in this game. However I was wrong because when the last class was announced I knew it would be a range class but I never thought that it would have a anti hero vibe. When I saw the fact that the demon hunter uses preparation and discipline to destroy demons it was interesting and nice, but the most important thing that made me pick the demon hunter was the fact that you shadow magic and use demon weapons against demons also not to forget the fact that the demon hunter has an egoistical obsession with slaying demons. This is the reason why I am picking the demon hunter.
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I thought I would be playing Witch Doctor because I thought it would be giving me the closest feeling to the Necro... But he doesn't seem nearly as evil as the Demon hunter.
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I agree with you Zulama, the DH is defibitely the darkhorse of the classes. When I would play D2 I never used the amazon because I didnt like her style. There was just something about running around as a 7ft. tall woman who shot arrows and bolts that didnt appeal to me. Especiallywhen you compared the rest of the classes side by side. I actually think she is the only character in that game that i havent used.

Now along comes the Demon Hunter, with her badass cowell and her GTFO attitude. Not the mention her dual crossbows and grenades. I dont know what im looking forward to more; finding the most badass clothes or finding the bossest (yes, bossest) weapons, whether they be ranged weapons or short swords. Bottom line is: i cant wait to try out every class.
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    I always loved the necro... and I think perhaps one of the most appealing things about the DH is his dark nature.

    But... there's something really interesting I've discovered about the necro, while researching a little more of diablo's lore, since I'm reeeally excited about d3. [Lore spoiler] The Necromancer's power, and knowledge, comes from one of the first men born from the union of an angel and a demon (Inarius and Lilith), Rathma. Now, the interesting part is from whom Rathma learned how to raised the undead and that kind of stuff, he was taught by Trang'Oul. Trang'Oul is a mythical dragon and guardion of the World of sanctuary, this dragon isn't evil nor good, it is the element responsable for keeping the balance between the Burning Hell's and the High Heaven's influence in Sanctuary.

    That's what I learned from what I researched and I thought all that story was prety amazing. And after reading about Rathma and Trang'Oul, I began liking the necro even better.

    PS.: If there's any mistake about my understanding of the lore, plis correct me..
    PPS: DH as first class FTW!!!!
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