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Bow or Crossbows?

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Which do you all prefer for this class? I, myself prefer the good old-fashion bow. Crossbows always came out clunky looking and there single handed counterpart reminds me too much of guns.
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I will enjoy switching between the two as I upgrade throughout the game. My final end-game best weapon of choice though...Bow.
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Heavy Crossbows. Those single handed ones are just idiotic.
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Either bow or dual cross.
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The one that kills the most !@#$ the fastest.
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It's really hard to say, but something tells me I'll end up with a bow at the level cap. No doubt will I be switching back and forth throughout progression due to drops.
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I'm going to try and stick with the dual crossbows as much as physically possible for the character, yes a lot of people dislike the idea of them and the whole gun-esce look of them but the sheer speed you should be able to pump out of them as you spray whole dungeons with an endless supply of pointy death sounds the most appealing to me.
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I'll probably start with dualies and move on up to a Windforce when I'm all runed up.
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I think the duels will be a nice change of look and feel. So I will try and stick with that, but I have a feeling end game might be a bow. (If they put in Windforce / Eaglehorn)
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Duel cross bows seem more fitting for the demon hunter, but 2hander bows will probably have a powerful feel with their high burst damage. I'm a little torn between the two.
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91 Blood Elf Priest
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the anticipation is excruciating! lol I cannot wait for d3, I've watched every youtube video I could find on the dh .. def. liking what I see. My favorite class in d2 was the bowazon, I hope to see another faith gmb or something :P
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Well I don't think they'll use the same names for their items I know what you guys are talking about, the feel of those high level bows when you finally got them let you know you'd built the perfect bow-a-zon
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85 Undead Warlock
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I think the bow will have the best DPS.
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Pistol crossbows for preference or Bow.

I love how people naysay the pistol crossbows and in the same breath tout the crossbow as realistic rapid fire weapon ;p.
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85 Tauren Shaman
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I personally love the single handed cross-bows. They have that "fast fire" sort of feel to me. Like dual wielding two hand guns, but old school. Combine with the grenades and other cool weapons, and it all seems to fit together better than a bow - when I think bow, I think archer - not what I think when I think demon hunter.
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Bow... defiantly the bow.

Imagine trying to reload 2 hand crossbows... it's not going to happen, it just seems ridiculous lol.
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I have note seen any youtubes with demon hunter using a bow, however I have seen a two handed crossbow....but I think I will go two one handed crossbows...DH FTW!
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09/03/2011 06:14 AMPosted by Oggy
Heavy Crossbows. Those single handed ones are just idiotic.

One question, how does the demon hunter reload his/her single handed crossbows.
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