Diablo® III

Friends and Family Test and NDA


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cant wait to find me a ribcracker... its in diablo 3 right? better be *shakes fist*
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I want a D3 beta invitation so bad!!!!!!
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Beta invite plz LOL
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great now send me on so i can look for all the bugs and messups, this way when i buy the final product i know itll be as polished as possible.
Hello thread.

I never even finished Diablo 2, and it's on my computer right now. COME AT MEEEEE

(I do want to finish it, though, a friend stole my discs back in the early 00's and I never got to finish it.)
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You know you can download all of D2 without discs from battle.net?
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Most happy for Beta!

I only clicked on this thread because I thought the title was

Friends and Family Test, and DNA.

It's NDA! Not DNA.

This news is the best. Hope everyone who gets to test enjoys the game and provides some solid data!

Thanks Blizzard!
Woot thanks for the heads up :)
09/07/2011 07:43 PMPosted by Koopah
You know you can download all of D2 without discs from battle.net?

If this was possible in 2001 I totally didn't realize it at the time, but I re-purchased the game in May or something of this year.
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Can I test too? Pls send me a license.
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Any chance you'll be doing future BlizzCasts to update some of the behind the scenes work, and various possible changes?
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---tears of joy
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it seems like it is almost time to kill the skeleton king!!!!!
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U must be sick of people asking for being invited for the beta .. So Ill say, guys, don't invite me to that beta, humans aren't ready for that game ..
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sweet!! hopefully they're sending beta to macs
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i need the beta // my FREZZINGHELL sorc from 2003 needs resurrection
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Thank you Blizzard!!!! I have been a Diablo fan for about 10 years, so excited to play D3 :D
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Posts: 2
Dude, I think some of my friends will just stop sleeping altogether because of this.
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i would give a leg for a D3 beta key!!
ad maybe also a free writs leg tehe
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