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DH looks frail, runs away from monsters

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Why is it that in every gameplay video I see the demon hunter running away and shooting? Seems the class doesn't have any ability to completely root monsters in place only slow them.

Shouldn't their traps stun or immobilize enemies? It's the least the devs can do since DH doesn't have a meat shield like the witch doctor. Single player will be brutal forcing the DH to rely too much on their sidekick.
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It's not that they're squishy it's just... I mean who wants to get hit all the time? I know when I play ranged classes in any game I always move away when I am in range to be hit, there's no point sacrificing health if you don't need to. A barbarian can sit in the middle of a group of mobs and Whirlwind to his hearts content because that's where he needs to be, on a demon hunter on the other hand you have the option to fire away from a distance so why bother with the trouble of taking damage? I'm sure they wont be nearly as rock solid as a barbarian but I don't imagine they're just one shot-able squishies.
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I am curious about the same thing.

Its come up a few times on the forums where people have noticed that the other classes seem to get into groups of enemies and lay waste to them. The DH though, seems to stop attacking and start running in circles when enemies get too close, and shooting what seems like 1/4 as much.

Who knows, but I def have my eye on the beta footage to see whats up with that.

Personally, I will pick my class around what I think will be the most fun in PvP.
I played a hunter in WoW and the pain of line of sight and kiting in the arenas was enormous. I don't want that experience again.
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I'm pretty sure running from monsters gets more fun when you start leaving a wake of traps. I'm looking forward to seeing how the DH plays at higher levels. I get the feeling there's a bit of finesse involved, but once you figure it out it might be one of the most engaging classes to play.
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It seems that at lower levels they will be a bit squishy and will need to "shoot and scoot" but at a higher level there is a good chance (depends on char layout) that you will be an offensive attacker and keep range just to get those extra shots in before initial damage.
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It's Act ONE, relax. Part of building a progression arc is starting small so you feel like a true bad@ss when you get more powerful skills. Yes, you're going to spend more time running if you insist on soloing early on. Later, when you get more traps, entangling shot and other trickiness, you'll spend more time killing and less time fleeing.
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How much fun would it really be if you could just freeze things in place and kill them from where you stand? Got my demon hunter to lvl 10 and was using Chakra and Bola Shot. I was killing things so fast there was no need to run.
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