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Wasting -far too much time with Skill Calc.

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Is anyone else doing the same?

I'm starting to become concerned about how my personal life is going to suffer when this game releases if the Skill Tool is already causing this much disruption.


P.S Blizzard please release this as an Android app so I can screw up my work life as well.
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yeah, i was messing around it a lot too. more so reading all the skills and rune effects since there's no real point in planning a build since it's easy to just swap something out and we don't really know exactly how effective some skills are.
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Holy crap, it's been two hours. I gotta go to bed!

..... in a bit...
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Really? I find it kind of useless. It makes sense for WoW where there's something to actually build but this is just really equipping 6 skills that you'll never need to commit to anyway. I find reading over the skills page much easier.
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09/12/2011 08:22 PMPosted by Fireyinsults
nice trolling

Sorry man, maybe I'm not as well-versed in Forum Etiquette as you are...
But either I don't perceive this as trolling, or I don't understand how it is trolling.

Either way, your comment is not very constructive. That to me at least, seems to be more like trolling than my post.
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To think this is more entertaining than most ios apps :)
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Holy Hell...

I just found that when you modify the Witch Doctors 'Poison Dart' skill with an Alabaster rune, it's then called

"Snake to the Face" - Has a 1/3 chance of firing a Snake instead of a Dart, which stuns your target.

It made me Lol.
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I just went to the gas station for more caffeine so I could stay up later and mess with it.
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So far I made two barbarian specs, three wizard specs, two monk specs, a witch doctor spec, two demon hunter specs and I can't stop.

Just looking at all the options, you can already tell there will be way more viable builds than there were in D2. It's reassuring.
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"Snake to the Face" first made me think that witch doctor is VERY well hung and would do a very p0rn style "snake to the face."
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oh i am definitely spending wayyyy too much time on it
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I wanna see this APP on my iTouch!

Anyway, after reading through the different class skills, the beta suddenly feels outdated hahaha! Maybe it's because everyone's stuck with up to LVL 12 skills only, and here we are reading about end game skills and runes.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm no longer eager to play the beta (me want nao!), but at least I have something to keep me busy until I can play!
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With all this awesome stuff that keeps coming out, The F&F Beta, this skill calc... and even the new character pages .....

it -REALLY hurts my soul to remind myself that we're all likely going to be waiting patiently till sometime next year to get our hands on this.

Except those of us that decide to -not wait 'patiently', and take up arms for the cause of releasing Diablo Early... Fight on my brothers!

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Gotta at least build one of each :)

Although it is known by many here already that you can get call of the ancients to be active at almost all time, I've come up with a build that I think can keep both Call, and Wrath of the Berserker both active basically all the time :P

It is fun to see what options we'll have.
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