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I gots yo Ear! Gimme

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I want my Ears!
I really dont know if diablo3 will have the ears drop when you kill people in a duel. Last i read they are making dueling a girly game of will you please duel me. Thats fine, but! us boys that played hardcore wants to show off our Trophies. It really wasn't even a bragging thing for others. Like my secret trophy Room. Haha i remember i even put them in aphabetical order. Fun times.
Moral of the Complaint / whine / Hopes and dreams , whatever.
I need 2 things from diablo.
Ears and cows.
Moo MOO mmOO mmoOOO cant beat it. A grind so hidden i couldn't stop, to much fun

PS for your Girls that think Hardcore is stupid. i've heard it all. You have to play it. the rush of what if, Will drive you mad. No game will have your heart pounding trying to kill say Diablo with subpair fire resist knowing you shouldn't but if you could you could advance. Adrenaline it's great. It really does make Softcore a very boring game afterward. I get the sissy connection problems some may have. i Started playing diablo hardcore on 56k.. sooo bad

Oh yeah one more thing. Blizz news letter Dont put bold letters on THE BETA has Started or however it was worded.. i get all excited thinking .. OOHH Snap beta to find your just leting me know , HEY man Beta started.. YEAAHH and your not in it
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whatt? i read you could duel if the agreed right? are they only arena dueling in diablo now? Man if thats the case.. Sigh
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Ears Reaper, haha. Awesome
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100 Worgen Hunter
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There is no world pvp. There is a reason why it is call co-op mode and not multiplayer mode.
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"they are a reason this is co-op mode".. Haha you was the guys i was gunning for... Feel lucky!

No but really. Dueling in hardcore was the very best pvp gaming i've ever did. the preplanning was insane. And the thought of knowing " If that guy wacks me, i'm toast" i love it.
Barbarian dueling was the stuff though, the 1 shot classes can be tossed for all i care. I'm talking to you mr hammer pallys and hacked ith botd i think they was called.
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