Diablo® III

Hardware question - The Mouse

I have several multi-button mice. The steal series cataclysm mouse included.

I was curious as to the support for more than a two button mouse. Can skills be binded to the additional buttons.

I welcome any feedback from the existing beta testers.

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And probably not. Just a guess.
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Perhaps im indirectly answering my own question... or this is custom customization.


(says remap all 7 buttons to skills)
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Probably from within the mouse software..
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Probably yes. I would be surprised if they don't let you use your thumb buttons as keybinds for your hotbar.
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Just from poking around the launcher, it looks like it will allow mousebinds.

Even if not, most advanced mouse softwares allow you to bind keystrokes to buttons, so you could get around it that way.

Also; Don't expect that Steelseries to last you beyond Act II. They have the worst mechanical reliability rating of any major manufacturer. Diablo's frenetic clicking will annihilate that mouse in nothing flat.
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Thanks for the replies and contributions to the discussion.

I was actually surprised that i had not seen this asked yet.

I hope you all get early beta access!

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I've never had much luck with a mouse with more than the "normal" number of buttons. I usually have to resort to Setpoint macros for the buttons that aren't recognized by the games themselves. No biggie though.

Not sure what kind of software Steelseries mice use, but I would hope it supports something like that for all your "extra" buttons.
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I was curious as to the support for more than a two button mouse. Can skills be binded to the additional buttons.

I just got home and was able to fiddle with it a little further.

The game, natively, will recognize Mouse 1 - 5 & MWheelUp & Down.

Anything beyond that and you'll be relying on your hardware's application.
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I just realized that I can do that with my mouse. I have 6 buttons total, 7 if you count the mouse wheel.

That's handy for me because I despise skill bars.
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sweet thanks Wulf and ThorlsHere for the confirmations!

Now go play the beta and kick some hellspawn butt!

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