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Take your time or rush through?

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why would one rush trhough?
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I plan to go fast but watch the cinematics, blizzards cinematics are always amazing. although my plan for the RMAH is to save up a couple of unique items, then pay for the service (If I get any at all)
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I'm still debating this. I want to rush through to get the multiple play-throughs needed to get into and farm the crap out of inferno. But at the same time, that first time through, enjoying every cinematic, reading all the quests, looking for the humorous stuff, listening to the voice-overs, and just really enjoying the ride. I think it'll be worth the extra few hours.

Especially since, last i heard we won't be able to even survive or kill anything on inferno, without possibly farming a bit on hell. So, ripping through the first time on normal, which should be really easy anyway, won't make that much difference time-wise, when you total up the amount it'll take to get to truly "farm-status" on inferno anyway. Even if that's not true, and you can just go through once each : Normal > Nightmare > Hell > Inferno. It's still just a couple hours extra to really savor that first time through. Given the fact that i only sleep a few hours every 36 anyway. I'll still probably be among the first doing inferno =P
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The combat in Diablo is fun when pushing to see how much you can take on and how fast you can kill it.

But, I'll be forcing myself to pause and explore! :D
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goosta you can't make any real money from playing hard core mode.no rmah and not item transfer between hc and sc

i don't think the first 60 levels are meant to take a lot of time..there are probably side stories with your followers and artisans.. but the main story should be easy enough to stay with

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i'll check every corner on the maps WALKING, as if i'm having a tour trough the game.
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<Not a kid, but I will be powering through the game to inferno as fast as possible. My second character will smell the roses. (In awesome epic gear for his entire journey)

You do realize that there are lvl requirements for items so...your not gonna have inferno gear on your lvl 1 toon.
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Sadly, there is no World first achievement in D3, so there's not point of rushing the game...
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Never thought I would say this, but I will probably tear through right away. The first people to Inferno are going to make a killing at the RMAH

Absolutely 100% correct. I will savour the visuals and incredible story line after I make $10,000 on the RMAH.
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i most likely will be on the take your time side, but I'm not going to get obsessive about hitting every nook and cranny...
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I'm gonna blaze through hardcore and be the only one in inferno.
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How many rushers does it take to find out random is random?

Do you really think you will survive inferno with a rushed set of gear?

Have fun with farming a single inferno mob just outside of town because you have a rushed set of gear.

Even if you do it with firends it will be just as hard if not harder. Remeber that the difficulty will increase when more people enter the game.
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Its always tough because I love playing through everything with my friends but I usually end up being able to play way more (late at night) so my character quickly out-levels them. This will probably mean that I will spend A LOT of time doing stuff in Sanctuary that actually doesn't give XP. Either that or I'll have a character that I play without them. But then which is my main!?! argh.
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I will explore every knook and cranny of D3 on my first playthru.
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I'll probably end up "world cleansing" again in Diablo 3, whether it be on purpose or not. I end up running through the entire map on a lot of level in Diablo 2 because I can't find the stairs to the next level :(
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I will probably play a private game with friends so we can kill quickly but take our time with cutscenes/etc
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I think I will probably go at a regular pace solo through normal. After that just try to level and gear up to inferno. I honestly don't see myself playing public games until inferno (max level).

What would be the point? Having more people in your group increases difficulty & drops. But in reality drops don't matter until inferno anyways.
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Since my gf is a huge Diablo fan I will be taking my time for my first time through. She likes checking absolutely everything and my first time through I try to appreciate the story as much as possible.
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