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DH name that fits Hatred & Discipline

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I'm looking for a name that fits Hatred & Discipline, like a word that means both, or means the difference/competition between them.

Someone posted in this forum the name "Bipolar". I really like the idea, I'm looking for something like that... a word for good and evil, or the separation between them, the ambivalence between them...

Any ideas?
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"Dualism (from the Latin word duo meaning "two") denotes a state of two parts. The term 'dualism' was originally coined to denote co-eternal binary opposition, a meaning that is preserved in metaphysical and philosophical duality discourse but has been diluted in general or common usages. Dualism can refer to moral dualism, (e.g. the conflict between good and evil), mind-body or mind-matter dualism (e.g. Cartesian Dualism) or physical dualism (e.g. the Chinese Yin and Yang)."

But I'm not too sure how good it works for a name..
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Steve. That is all.
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Gammon - to deceive
Rancor - hatefulness

Gammon Rancor

or mix n match, other words for hate - Spite, Scorn, Loathe, Despise, Curse
discipline - restraint, willpower, will, preparation
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Harvey Dent from Batman, AKA Two-Face

"There's just one problem... you're talking to the wrong Harvey."
— Harvey Dent

I would also point out that Harvey's entire character revolved around discipline and hatred. Harvey, the first personality, is the City Official (Discipline)... and Murray, Harvey's second personality (Hatred).

Harvey from Farscape. Harvey was a neural clone/personality of Scorpius created by the chip implanted into Crichton's brain. The moniker "Harvey" was given to him by Crichton, referring to the invisible rabbit companion in the play, Harvey.

Harvey is a 1950 film based on Mary Chase's play of the same name.

"It wasn't easy. There are vast regions of your brain that are filled with nothing but... jibberish."
— Harvey
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what do I win?
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You could do Jekyll or Hyde as in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Lightbringer - Originated from the Latin word Lucifer, which due to fail bible translater who confused Lucifer with Helel caused all the sheeple to equate Lightbringer with the Devil.

Should fit your good and evil duality.
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09/17/2011 05:16 PMPosted by Lokoshin

Not bad.
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There is but only one name that fits that description... AngryMonk
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Theyre usually at odds too much to work, but... archangel would be cool maybe?
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