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Blizzards should make Diablo 3 run on PS3


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XBox would probably be the easiest port because of the underlying code base... XBox is a special flavor of windows, and rumors are suggesting that XBox will be baked in to Windows 8.

The XBox is a custom PC with an ATI video card... specs that Blizzard should already be pretty familiar with.

*If* they were to do console, my 2 cents would say that this would be their platform of choice long before the PS3.
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I would like to note for people that in NO WAY would D3 work for PS3. As Bashiok said "exploring a Diablo-related concept for consoles". This does not mean it will be anything like Diablo, Diablo 2 or 3. This could mean a game like God of War, a major Hack and Slash. I'd be very interested how they'd apply Diablo to consoles, as I stated before a Hack and Slash Diablo universe, or a First Person Shooter in Starcraft universe. (Hey yeah! There you go blizzard your game idea!)
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things you can do on pc: click
things that you cant do on ps3: click
things that Diablo 3 revolves around:clicking

maybe after they're done with the console version they can make the iphone app!
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ok so i had a whole thing written out but didnt want to spam the forum to hard so lets do a quick break down so people can understand the difference between the 2 and how it affects modern day. well take a console and a pc and talk about them. Also diablo was made for Playstation and i played it and i liked it just saying.

ok so first all you people need to realize that a console system is a cheap mass produced POS made in china understanding this will help you and the future of video gameing example to all the disbelievers (aka typical wow player) xbox was rushed onto the market with a faulty video card connection to the motherboard ultimitly ending in red rings of death and alot of pissed off customers (aka americans) the reason behind this was just in wow you have Epeens same with these multibillion dollar companies xbox wanted to be the first on the market so that instead of buying your ps3 or wii youd buy the xbox 360 first and thats exactly what happend because supply and demand people wanted a new console. Then they charged people to take it back and restore it (aka open it sodder the connection back together) and send it back to the customer, it probly took over a month for them to do because they damn sure arent gointo pay to overnight that bad boy. So ultimitly the conclussion is xbox (aka microsoft) wanted to monopolize the video game market and with the help of stupid people are slowly but surely achieving that goal. Then we'll take a look at the ps3 another mass produced POS made in china that ultimitly is made cheaper so that you the consumer (aka american) spends more money to have it example of this is there $60.00 controller that breaks after a few months whether its a button sticking or the rubber comming off the sticks. Anyway you look at it its a POS designed to break so you spend more money.
Now take a look at whats inside these consoles. A completlely out of date graphics card which is what makes up video games the ability to make it more realistic to have a physcis engine so you see smoke and debrit and all around your frames per second so when looking at a console there is no upgradeing that graphics card, yes you can make drivers to kinda tweek it a little bit but all and all that graphics card is pushed to its max after about 3 years of the console being on the market, and with no upgradeability to the graphics most games are gointo look somewhat similiar as far as graphics are conserned depending on the game developers scaling the game downward to run on the console. so saying for the ps3 there should be no point to do so because ps3 has been out for like what 5 maby 6 years now so we all know a new console is already in the works and even then i would gurantee the graphics card in the new systems doesnt even equal a geforce 580 ultimitly as far as technology goes the graphics cards put in consoles is already out of date by the time the console is even released pc gamers will always have the upper hand when it comes to upgradeablitlity. only downside is these companies, then come out with the new console and all you people rush to go buy it. Us pc gamers sit here and go but the graphics on this are trash and the controls on this are trash and all and all the game is then released to the public and the only reason why they see sales and the other reason they sit there and think COD is a good game is because we the gamer buy that POS to play it with our friends because theres nothing els out there to play. unless you want to go back to playing wow and spend your life doing dailys.
So all in all whad we learn today. People are up in arms because we (aka real gamers) know the truth behind what a console is and how much pc gamers hate the fact that in todays day in age so many people resort to quantitiy over quality and the sad thing is there is a vast majority of us that would take the quality over the quantity any given day of the week. and the reason because we the consumer are mostly american and americans like to have the fillet not the ground beef. we dont want to see something great be turned into trash to cater to those that arent even appreciative in the first place. and thats what most console gamers are whiny scrubs that just dont understand that there is usb controlers for pc and guess what els, are drones in our military use what resembles a ps3 controller to operate aswell. PC is the future and has been for some time and why all these companies cater to these consoles is beyond me you need to educate these kids blizzard put d3 on console loor them to the pc as diablo would loor people under his will and make them better. so we the gamer can have real competition and not go through every video game released today and be like why am i so good and they are so freaken horrible. and then we stop playing the game because we realize its been dumbed down to cater to the scrubs. just my thoughts. and yes i do believe it should be put on a playstation not an xbox. consoles were developed multi player so players could play with there friends not charge them monthly to play with there friends, another reason why xbox can suck it and i hope you people stop paying that company to sell you trash. but what was that line in forest gump stupid is as stupid does..... yeah

Also i do have a ps3 and i play it for games like NHL and sports games with my friends i will say its a POS but haveing friends over and playing sports games or something like smash brothers works for a console and like i said diablo for PS was good if you guys can make it like that but build on it ide say its a good way to not only make money but to turn people onto your company and get them in the direction of useing a pc and evolving as a human instead of sitting there going mmmm another console i guess ill spend another $600 cause this one has a blue ray mmmmeeehhhhh.im so leet auto aim on a first person shooter with my sticks so leet im CAL I leet auto aim yessssssss..... newbs.

Wall of text instantly kills you.
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Diablo 1 was one of my favorite PSX games

Just saying
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Blizzard is too good for PlayStation
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They will.
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It took Blizz 10 years to make D3 just for the PC. Now you want them to disperse their attention and make a console version?

Go back and play with your silly console games.
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not great. diablo 3 is perfect for PC not ps3. its easier with keyboard and mouse. chats and click faster.
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This is a shameful idea. Blizzard are one of the only large developers left on the market who consider their central market to be PC gamers. Every single game that comes out these days is a pathetic console port because console games just generate so much more revenue than PC games do. MMOs don't belong on the ps3; for one, the consistent updates would be rather difficult to do on a bunch of seperate platforms, not to mention the fact that most people who own consoles don't even play on the internet.

I'd say Blizzard need to keep doing what they're doing currently; focusing on the PC market soley. Consoles already have the majority of the game developing market creating games soley for them without an ounce of care for the PC market, I'd hardly consider it fair that that turns into 100% of the market. :/
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I don't think the 256mb of video memory on the ps3 will be enough for ULTRA settings be sure would be fun
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09/13/2011 05:42 PMPosted by Razherrt
Wall of text instantly kills you

The worst part is, that when I see stuff like this ... I can't help but read -every single last word of it. It truly is a good reminder of how absolutely sane I am.


and how instantly dead I should be.

Seriously I just dropped a few IQ points... and I don't have many left to spare.
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Yeah it would be cool on ps3 but only if I can log in to battle net and play with my PC characters on the ps3 itself.
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okay i admit it they maybe thinking of developing a console version of diablo 3

i have no life so i searched into some articles


read them or not is completely up to you, but i highly doubt that any of you will...

although there might be a "glimpse of hope" (well not for me) or possibility of console version of diablo 3 being under development, but blizzard is not so simple-minded as to just go and bring about such borderline "master" plan which an individual is not even sure whether this console version of diablo 3 is very pratical and fun in every ways or gonna be just a complete waste of valuable time and money.
another thing is that even if they decided to make the console version they are going to start making them a year or two later the pc version is officially released.
so any of you console whiners want to wait that long go ahead no one will stop you, while i have fun and show some love for the "pc" diablo 3... :p
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It wouldn't be a bad idea for blizz to bring D3 to consoles. It'd be great for co-op play with friends.
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I'll play D3 on console only if they bring Sc2 to console.
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09/13/2011 10:23 PMPosted by Lazarus
I'll play D3 on console only if they bring Sc2 to console.

How do you hope to compete? You will be annihilated.
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