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Blizzards should make Diablo 3 run on PS3


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You can't emulate everything you can do in the PC in a console.
Can't emulate auction houses, real money auction houses, fast paced hack&slash with proper targeting.

Try to imagine playing Diablo 3 on the hardest setting against a horde of monsters.
Or just try to imagine Diablo 3 PvP on a console.

And for people saying about ages.
Roflbbqlolcopter - SC2 Community is proven to have around 18 to 24 years and it's followed by 24 to 35 years old users and then is the below 18 guys.
So don't even compare blizzard games with anything else. Diablo is even older than starcraft, for sure most of the players in Diablo 3 will be between 18 & 24 years old.

If blizzard plans to go to consoles, for sure it wont be in the fashion of the classic games.
It will be a totally diferent style, like that FPS that they tried to do of Starcraft universe and I hope this time they don't uber fail again
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09/13/2011 06:41 PMPosted by Blackwarrior
not great. diablo 3 is perfect for PC not ps3. its easier with keyboard and mouse. chats and click faster.

PS3 can use keyboard/mouse too. However, (and I'm no pro at Sony's ways) I think games have to have a controller option, and not be purely keyboard/mouse
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dear "no" people:
all your theorycrafting is wrong, blizzard is in the process of planning a console release as we speak


dear "yes" people:
this is not a good thing, and I don't plan on celebrating it. Stop pretending that your discussion is the thing that will cause the console port to happen, if anything it's more annoying than the 8 page wall of pretentious "no" text, and almost as annoying as the one word "no" response

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They should make D3 for consoles, or some kind of diablo game. For PS3 and xbox 360 only though, the wii is more for kids then anything. And lets face it, Blizzard grabbed a hold of the bandwagon as soon as they started putting achievements into their games. Plus personally, a few of my friends are real doucebags about the whole "your gamerscore is pretty weak" a game like diablo on consoles, have dlc expansions, and youd have a game that could very well have a near infinite amount of achievements. Theres only a handful of console games I play, and I don't really play them for too long, but something like diablo on a console would keep me busy for a long time. Also on the plus side it'd cut down on all the spam email I get from sites trying to phish my info, would just get pestered by kids wanting to "host a 10th lobby" or whatever the hell for whatever the hell. It's about time that a bad !@# company makes a bad $%^ game that puts all these other "rpg" console games to shame.
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09/14/2011 01:40 AMPosted by Metalteuffel
For PS3 and xbox 360 only though, the wii is more for kids then anything.

I slightly agree , however, I don't think the Wii should get Diablo III only because of the hardware specs. Would rather not see something like... The Force Unleashed downgraded from the 360/PS3/PC version down to Wii (that was just painful :p)

dear "yes" people:
this is not a good thing, and I don't plan on celebrating it.

Opinions are opinions... But feel free to not celebrate I guess

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Whilst porting to consoles "might" seem like a good idea, the starcraft n64 version has had a lot of bad memories since then, but If it's a D1 & D2 game for the PS3 I may be slightly appreciative of the effort. something like a re-mastered version perhaps? that'd be cool. I guess.
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Oh and the whole "it should be on ps3 because it should be free to play with others, while xbox charges a fee" Well, first look at wow, last time I checked thats not free to play online. Second, I've lost count of how many times I've heard ps3 owners complain about a. The network getting hacked and or b. The network being down because some kid sneezed on a his controller wrong and it crashed the network or whatever the hell. Meanwhile, I pay to play on xbox live, been doing so for the last 6 years, never once has xbox live network been "down" for any period of time. Case and point, when its free and it !@#$s out, oh well its free and when its down for a week or more, you get what you didn't pay for, a pile of %^-*. When you pay for it and something goes wrong, you have a right to complain and more then likely get compensated for it (my first 360 got the red ring of death after a year, xbox not only paid for the shipping to and from the company, they gave me a brand new console and 12 months gold membership). Diablo and D2 were both great games, and free to play online. I'll admit I wish I didn't have to pay to play xbox online, but if doing so will keep me from experiencing a downed network or something messed up to where I can't play online, I'll continue to pay. For the love of all that is unholy if your going to rant at least spell check it before you post it. Spelling errors all over the damn place.
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I admit Microsoft gives great customer service. But that doesn't mean they don't have issues. moreover the Thread starter just said D3 for PS3 coz maybe he doesn't own a 360[w/c is an assumption by me]. PSN and XBL have great services, it's just these kiddy trolls that really make the worst out of a supposedly FUN gaming experience, Thankfully Diablo has a more mature audience, and will not bend lightly to the rants of a prepubescent crowd. And this game actually requires strategic thought into character build and skill runes rather than the run and gun playstyle that a certain genre has.
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No, they shouldn't.
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this games already gunna be released on the ps3....your a fail troll

people learn to !@#$ing google search

diablo 3 on the ps3
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no just no
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It's going to happen people and I bet you anything it wont mean a single sacrifice to the PC version. So many damn crying babies in here that need to change their diapers. Just ignore the PS3 game and play on your PC, quit freaking crying damn.
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I love PS3 but I wouldn't want to see Diablo 3 on it. Besides Blizzard makes enough money and how can they make it online only?
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They had Diablo (one) on PSOne.

The gameplay suffered.

But I'm all for it, for pvp it would make for easy kills.
For pve, runs etc... it would kill it, probably 30% or so would be ps3 players, so your group would be gimped.
There would be more people, paying more money for my items, on the RL AH.

I cannot wait til they make a FPS game that crosses console to PC, so we can finally show that PC owns consoles.
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We all know how good Starcraft for N64 went........................................................
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No diablo 3 on consoles .. those are too limited and it would ruin the gameplay .. they have enough money, just stay on PCs
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They would be more successful if they did it on 360. I own a ps3, and after the whole we hacked playstation and got all the credit card info, I refuse to turn my on. Its a nice little paperweight now.
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