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Hmm...so skills are runed in the Skill SLOT, not the skill itself... so if you switch skills in combat it will retain the former skills rune, which is potentially not good. I think this DOES effectively limit skill-swapping.

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There really aren't any builds yet. The skills are interchangable reguardless. These possible builds aren't finite like actual builds are. Aren't builds a little more concrete ? How can you creat a build will skills that can be changed out at any time ? If you have 6 skills on your bar that are your main skills, if you can change skills out on a whim depending on circumstance then it really isn't a build. Builds are set skills used by the player to engague content and satisfy the need for efficiency and fun, Right ?

Once runes come into play then we should talk about builds. Even though runes can be put into skills and changed they seem to be more finite as far as we know and cannot be changed in combat. Theory crafting build is great but we don't actually know they will work ingame besides what is written. Things don't always workout the way we want them to and sometimes they work out far beyond our expectations.

I love the freedom of being able to swap skills on the fly no doubt. Only being able to handle 6 skills at a time on our hotbars is definetly a good step forward from only 2 skills in Diablo 2. Have more skill at our finger tips is goin to be so much fun. Then again, once we hit the level when all skills are availible thoes 6 slots won't mean much if we can just click em out at any given time. Looking at the game as is it now it might seem difficult to find the time for skill swaps but once we get used to the game and find spots to use a few click to swap skills we will get really good at swapping.

Don't get me wrong. I love the system in Diablo 3 more than any other so far. It's just confusing talking about builds when builds don't mean the same thing as they have in the past.
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Please refrain from posting builds in the general forum as that's not where they belong. Please put them in their respective class subforums.
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