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As an avid Rogue who played WoW since launch as well as a past D2 player I'm really looking forward to PvPing in Diablo 3.

There are many glaring similarities between WoW and this new Diablo, however, most of these changes seem much improved and for the better.

From what I've noticed the DH plays a lot like a Rogue/Hunter from WoW. Both those classes were supplemented by their normal attacks but would spec into, or boost, their specials. That's where "burst" or "focus fire" would win or lose matches.

I think we'll see the same thing here with the DH.

I played around a bit and created two separate specs, both of which may or may not be viable. Until we can all play the game there's a lot of uncertainty.

Check it:

DH Explosive build:

DH Crit Build:

The explosive build was based off of increased "rocket" damage. What this qualifies as is yet unknown as many of the notes for attacks use different terms.

Lastly, the crit build I derived is based around maximizing your crit % (much like a rogue in wow) where you can use Impale, Strafe and Evasive to do HUGE damage with each having a 400%-500% damage modifier on it.

Evasive seems to make vault redundant, despite its shorter distance it is cheaper and does damage. Smoke screen is a necessity as one of the few "oh !@#$ buttons" the DH seems to have.

Would love to hear feedback and see more builds!
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85 Gnome Priest
You are missing Mark of Death with gold rune, that 40% to regain 35 hatred its so huge

I would change the preparation talent for Shadow Power for whenever you wana light someone on fire (say they made the mistake to let you snipe without bothering you)

Whats the point of having Cluster AND Impale, i think you only need one strong single target attack and thats about it (whichever does more damage)

That :B
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You're right about not having Cluster and Impale together, seems that Impale alone would suffice. Sorry, I'm used to using a multitude of abilities as a rogue right, haha.

My take on Shadow power is that a 50% increase in speed isn't quite as good as Preparation refilling your hatred... It's almost like giving a rogue a full bar of energy to burst with again so you can get off those huge attacks, perhaps Impales that crit for 700% damage.

The Mark of Death proc is one I'm weary of... Between using very little discipline between Smoke bomb (which GUARANTEES 90 hatred with that rune) and on Prep to refill my bar I'm not overly worried. Not to mention having Fundamentalism that rejuvs 15 hatred per normal hit.

My take at least :)
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Went back to the drawing board and produced this build based on gettting high crit and using Impale's strength:

Crit Trap Build:

Hatred Regen: Smoke Screen, Marked for Death

Damage: Evasive attacks, Impale (Hopefully lots of crit)

Trivial Skills to Swap out based on desire? - Preparation with Golden Rune (55% max health pot)

Assuming that the Caltrops "Bait the Trap" rune is true to it's work you can lay a trap beneath you, gain 11% crit, Mark the enemy for death, and unleash some nasty Impales from around a pillar etc.

Should things get out of control and someone is on top of you they are now slowed, you can Evasive out while doing massive damage and rinse and repeat. You can Smoke Screen if you're in trouble or need hatred, You can prep for a half-health regen or more Discipline; that last choice was my own personal preference and could really be replaced by anything.

Could work.

Another variant for dealing AoE damage (Witch Doctor pets + players) is to switch out Caltrops and Custom Engineering for Cluster Arrow, Shooting Stars and Ballistics. At this point Hatred use will be more so I switched the Preparation rune to Punishment which I feel IS necessary for this build.

I just want to test! haha
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60 Gnome Warlock
Dual Wield x-bows build with lots of control/escape:


Twin Chakrams: The only REAL damaging ability I have other than regular shots. Between gold runed Mark of Death and Fundamentals, I'm hoping I can spam it.

Entangling Shot + Red rune: I only have this for the 9sec 70% slow. The slow is for control (duh) and damage with Cull the Weak. Reapply as needed.

Caltrops + Black rune: I have this both for pillar kiting, and as damage mitigation against a melee train that catches me (90% reduced damage for enemies inside).

Smoke Screen + Indigo rune: 4sec invisibility for escape and tactical positioning (like getting on top of another ranged character to drop Caltrops).

Vault + Alabaster rune: Tactical fast positioning + a stun when needed.

Marked for Death + Gold rune: Inreased damage and Hatred regen. Basic DPS addition.

Build Strengths: It's slippery and can probably put the hurt on snared enemies. Melees will have a hard time catching and finishing.

Build Weaknesses: Relies on LoS (like almost anyone) and cannot control ranged enemies as well. The best bet against ranged is to probably just get next to them (Vault + stun) and use Caltrops, forcing them to reposition to do any real damage.

I'm open to suggestions. I'd really like to figure out a way to address a problem every DH will have: Wizards with high uptime on Slow Time +Teleport. Simply hitting them when your missle attacks move at 10% will be a challenge. I'm hoping a 70% slow mitigates this some.
Edited by Wevil on 9/15/2011 9:49 PM PDT
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wevil, chakrams as your only real damaging ability is weak. You need abilities in pvp that can't be dodged really easily.
It's reduntant in laying caltrops so you don't take dmg, but having smoke screen to escape an area that that doesn't need escaping. Don't need it to lay caltrops on ranged if you have vault/stun like you do.

Here's my build which is obviously the best. To make this less vs melee and more vs range change strafe to vault/stun. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aZePYb!ZXV!cZbbcZ

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09/16/2011 06:00 AMPosted by MOOT

I like the build except for Hungering Arrow, you could get Impale or something else. Hungering arrow is primarily for the instant damage it does which is kinda quick compared to Impale. You could get Rapid Fire with Alabaster, which slows the enemy under the effect by 40% for 5 seconds.
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That's true, but you might need a shot that you can fire and forget that will just hit the enemy rather than have it be a missile that can be dodged a % of the time by player skill. Also I think maybe my build is lacking in health regen. But who knows if you'll need it in pvp in arena or not.
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09/17/2011 04:21 PMPosted by MOOT
That's true, but you might need a shot that you can fire and forget that will just hit the enemy rather than have it be a missile that can be dodged a % of the time by player skill. Also I think maybe my build is lacking in health regen. But who knows if you'll need it in pvp in arena or not.

I think you're right, especially with pillars and having to duck, dip, and dodge, those pesky Wizards that can be free to do what they want. I also found that in general the DH has very few health regen skills... which makes me a tad uneasy.


I made this build where you basically get Mark up for damage/Hatred, can spam entangling for 1 hatred to slow/control 1-2 players and pump out damage with a 95% piercing Hungering Arrow.

Shadow Power is an interesting skill I want to test but I think in theory will work well. With the +55% dodge attacks rune I think it can be safe to activate with lots of Hatred and when someone is out of position to just auto attack and pump out Hungering Arrows. It won't happen often but I'm sure with your team you can manufacture it, especially if you're playing with a stun barb.
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85 Human Mage
This is my crossbow/crit/control build


Tell me what u guys think!!
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This is my crossbow/crit/control build

<a href="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bfYeUk!UWZ!Zacbcb">http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bfYeUk!UWZ!Zacbcb</a>

Tell me what u guys think!!

This was almost exactly the build I went for when I first decided I might want to PvP with a Demon Hunter...

Following some research, more thought, etc. etc. I decided maybe I should try something different.


Impale's 20 hatred vs Hungering Arrow's 15 (and the fact that it's guided) cause me to make that switch. Yes, the crit bonus is nice, however so is the fact that Hungering Arrow can be runed to pierce at 95% of the time... and ALWAYS hit. That means that after 4 pierces you've hit 700% WD caused. Non-crit. Imagine if some of those crit?

I also ditched Evasive Fire for Vault with Tumble; reason being the range on Evasive isn't that impressive. The cost of course is nice, but Vault acts as more than an escape when someone is close; you can also use it to chase down nearly dead enemies using 2 Vaults for the cost of 1 with the Tumble Rune.

Smokescreen is wicked... in my build I keep swapping between that and shadow power. I think it's really based on the team you play with. If you're going to be focused a lot then Smokescreen is prob better. It's high Disc cost is a concern though. I like Shadow power for pumping out tons of Hungering Arrows especially if a target gets low and you need to finish them off. With the +55% chance to dodge I think you can afford to stand still to unload on a target even for a few seconds... those extra normal attacks might be the difference.
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85 Human Mage
I think you're right with vault.. I dont get how 4 pierces Hungering Arrow can hit for 700%.. I thought the pierce effect was just to hit extra target in PvE..

Btw sorry for my bad english im french. ^^
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I think you're right with vault.. I dont get how 4 pierces Hungering Arrow can hit for 700%.. I thought the pierce effect was just to hit extra target in PvE..

Btw sorry for my bad english im french. ^^

Je ne parle pas francais! (Yeah my horrible Canadian French education :P)

If there's one target it can pierce back through it multiple times. So...

Hit: 140% damage done
Pierce: + 140%
2nd Pierce: + 140%
3rd Pierce: + 140%
4th Pierce: + 140%
Grand Total: 700% Weapon damage, non-crit, 4 pierces total.
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85 Human Mage
It sounds realy nice :D .. But it's easy for the other team to dodge a incoming burst just by stacking up and slow an other target
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