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DH Machine gun build

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I made this build to utilize shadow power and rapid fire using 2 hand crossbows. What I would do with this build is Vault to an enemy, drop Caltrops, and gain 11% crit in the area +5% for Archery passive so 16% base crit not counting bonus from gear/stats. Then after that enemy is taken care of pop Shadow Power and spam Rapid Fire(runed to slow enemies playing off 20% increase in damage from Cull the Weak). I threw Impale runed for alot more single target damage. Kinda depends on how well the Rapid Fire + Shadow power does single target. I could replace it with Marked for Death with a gold rune for practically infine Rapid Fire spamming. I put multi shot with a alabaster rune to regain discipline to maintain Shadow Power.

So what do you guys think?
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If you're so crit-focused, why not get the Grievous Wounds rune for Impale?
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I know we have not used runes. Here are my suggestions to make a more survivable demon hunter. There are max level runes that just look imbalanced like enemies deal 90% reduced damage while in caltrops. think about a boss or a player slowed in caltrops. Probably switch your rapid fire rune to pierce or rockets to deal more damage, not slow because you want enemies to be in caltrops to start the battle.

I don't know what shadow power would do because you have two other discipline skills and you cant cast them if your discipline use is averaging 2 discipline per second to activate shadow power. I replaced it with a better situation skill socketed with a rune which restores 90 hatred in 2 secs versus 70 in 10 seconds. Smoke screen won't be spammed every 10 seconds you use it while you move to a better spot. Multishot requires socketing the 242% weapon damage rune. Archery passive can be replaced with something better after we test-play the higher level passives and how they help dps.
<a href="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#QfiaUd!UXW!ccZccY">http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#QfiaUd!UXW!ccZccY</a>
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