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How Diablo's soul made it to D3

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After hours and hours of research and putting together fragments of lore, I have determined the (un)OFFICIAL EXPLANATION! I am hoping to get blue post confirmation on this very soon.

Mephisto is most likely gone cuz he was a scrub and got farmed 10,000,000 times by MF sorcs.

Baal blew up into 1,000 ghost heads and flew off to go talk to himself all day long about how he never expected to be killed since people would just farm his minions and leave him alone.

Diablo however was a bit trickier than his brothers. While most people believe his soulstone was destroyed, he had a back up plan. While sitting patiently in the depths of hell underneath the cathedral in diablo 1, he read all seven of the harry potter books (they were released a lot earlier in hell than on earth). He became a great fan of Voldemort and said "minions! i want a horcrux in case someone smashes my soul rock with a hammer someday!" so his minions went forth and invaded sanctum in search for a good horcrux to please diablo. but demons not being too smart ripped open the portal to hell in the depths of a church in a little sleepy down called tristram. not being able to turn any holy items into a good horcrux, they ventured forth and raided the town of tristram. demons also being very lazy merely ripped the leg off the first kid they found. when presented with the leg diablo said "fine whatever this leg shall be my secret horcrux" as he was over the harry potter books since he realized his spells were a lot more badass than Voldemort's and wasn't gonna get beaten by some seventeen year-old kid with no parents. Breaking off a shard of his soulstone he jabbed it into the leg and threw it into a dark corner in the tristram cathedral for safe keeping. The kid survived and even got a wooden peg leg. he lived a short and miserable life on the outskirts of town ripping adventurers off by overcharging them for mediocre magical items. Though diablo was eventually defeated (prob by some 17 year-old kid) and the cathedral raided, the boy's original leg was never found. Diablo eventually came back with his 2 brothers and messed up the world again. this time tristram was raided and destroyed and the boy killed. many adventurers hated the boy so much they went back to get the boy's peg leg, steal their gold back, leave the body there, and use the leg in demonic cow rituals. Diablo and his brothers were defeated, their fates each mentioned above. But unknown to the world, when all evil was defeated from Sanctum for the second time, a leg in a dark corner in the depths of the cathedral began to glow. It took many years but diablo channeled his soul into the forgotten leg and grew it into his new demonic body. He channeled so much power into creating his new body it caused a great explosion in the cathedral making a giant glowing crater through it (you can see this crater in beta gameplay videos). He exploded into the world again shouting "B!TC#E$ DON'T KNOW 'BOUT MY HORCRUXES!" Thus diablo walked the earth once again filling the cathedral with demons and skeleton kings before disappearing to his secret hideout.

So after much explanation, it is my belief that diablo was reborn via Wirt's original missing leg. and THAT my friend's, is how wirt's leg will be worked into diablo 3.
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I see. I guess all I have too say to Diablo is.........Break a leg. *puts on sunglasses* AWWWW YEAH!
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Nice piece of art!
I must disagree, though.
I am really starting to believe that Diablo's return is linked to a dark cultist's ritual that created the "meteor" that hits through the cathedral.
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Diablo = Tyrael
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Okay the prime evils lived before a soulstone, why can't they after?
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Lol, read it in that other post, and answered the question there as well :-P
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Leah is love baby of Adria/Dark Wonderer
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09/19/2011 12:46 PMPosted by Brollin
Okay the prime evils lived before a soulstone, why can't they after?

Being in the Soulstone prevented them from returning to Hell when they died, AFAIK, so they could continue to beat up poor little boys and take their legs.
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09/18/2011 07:14 PMPosted by Surefire
Though diablo was eventually defeated (prob by some 17 year-old kid)

so true
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09/19/2011 05:52 AMPosted by Boxebrown
Diablo = Tyrael

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LOL! That was awsome, we'll done.
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Your logic is sound.
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just like brollin said, when the three were "exiled"(not really) from hell, they just traipsed around on the mortal plane for god knows how long with no soulstones to anchor them here.

and if tyrael becomes diablo, there better be some serious masterminding having gone on from the beginning, cause tyrael has always been the most human-freindly angel. so.. idk
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