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would this build work like i think it would? if so, i know how IM going to build. since my buddies will be barb and wizard, most likely pound of flesh and power hungry ones at that.

MWAHahahaahhahahahaha....meh, some1 has already thought of this, but i don't care
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Well the only thing here is that you create zombie dog and have +50% increase dmg :)
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i guess you don't understand the question...example, my norm Z dog has gold so it drops health globe when dead and my sacrifice makes a new Z dog...does that new Z dog drop health globes?

this build is....well, built around this idea, everything is about summoning Z dogs so they die and spit out health globes...a strange form of a healer for team play, pve wise
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This is my take on this idea, except I added haunt+alabaster for single target dps, and firebats+crimson for supplemental aoe damage.

How the build plays:

Rely on dogs + firebats for weak packs. Haunt is the boss killer. During big packs or tough bosses chain sacrifice dogs until they are all gone, mop up with haunt/bats. If next pack comes up before summon dog cooldown, use confuse + bats + haunt to get additional dogs via kills, start the sacrifice chain again. Use big bad voodoo for next pack with same effect. By this point one hopes summon cooldown will come up again.

This build drops a lot of globes, so circle of life handles mana. Zombie handler is so we get more aoe and globes from sacrifice. Pierce the veil increases damage without a big downside (while the build does use haunt/firebats, a lot of the killing power is from sacrifice which doesn't cost mana). If at any point we are caught with no dog cooldowns up, we can still rely on firebats and haunt for a respectable baseline of dps.

Because so many globes are dropped: in fact sacrificing a pack of 4 dogs, we get 4*1/0.3*.85 = 11.333 globes on average (!), this build is a good healer/support build. Mass confuse provides crowd control, and big bad voodoo gives a decent buff for team play too.
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