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Demon Hunter PVP spec

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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WdUXYk!WcY!aZZacb This is my idea for PVP spec for a DEmon Hunter. State your opinions and Specs
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looks ok but i would replace the grenades with impale, you lose the stun but youll get an ability with alot more dmg, cant run forever. And this is all speculation since i have not played the game yet.
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Terrible (sorry!).

Grenades range is tiny, Bola isn't really that much damage. You lack snares or stuns. Evasive and vault are pretty much the same, just take your pick based on style.

This is what I'm thinking of using:

Spam 1.0 hatred Entangling for damage/control with a few Hungering arrows. When a kill opportunity presents itself unload with shadow power (50% attack speed, 55% dodge from rune) and tons of hungering arrows.

Vault with the golden rune is pretty versatile (and cheap) for chasing down your target as well as moving around the map or getting out of trouble.

Prep can really be subbed out for anything, just my personal preference. I tried to find a good life stealing attack... DH isn't too impressive in that category. Guess we'll just have to deal with Barbs and their wild life regen.
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I made that real quick, but it might be fun.

Spiked Trap with a Golden Rune: A good way to deal quite a bit of damage quickly and surprisingly.
Entagled shot With an increase slow down to 9 seconds: Makes it so I do not have to recast it a lot and so I can get the 20% damage buff/get some range.
Sentry with 32% damage reduction shield: I can get some tinking damage out there, don't have to be close to the enemy to do that damage, and have a % damage reduction.
Cluster Arrow with life steal: Good way to have a pretty high damage AOE with life steal to boot.
Shadow power with hatred regain: Nom nom more aps and hatred.
Impale with a knockback and stun: Able to get out of situations and deals decent dps.

Not sure if you have enough high damage things in there. Might want to put impale or some other sort of high dps skill in there.

I can see the theme of your build: Survivability :3 Constantly regaining health can be quite annoying for your opponents.
Give a look into this:

I tweaked it a bit, but tried to give it the attribute of survivability.

Grenades -> Fan of knifes: With the alabaster rune, you can get away from melees a lot easier and get some distance. Since it is a buff more so than an active, you do not have to worry about it all the time.
Smoke Screen to Obsidian Rune: I used this to give you a really quick way to regain hatred.
Vault to Alabaster Rune: A way to stun and knock back an enemy, while getting away.
Bola Shot -> Cluster arrow with golden rune: Still gives AOE and some nice damage and also gives you leech life.
Steady Aim -> Perfectionist: Might help out a bit more with the discipline. This is just more of an idea.

Hope that helps a bit :3
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Not sure if you have enough high damage things in there. Might want to put impale or some other sort of high dps skill in there.

I think my build is pretty high damage. An impale crit will do about 700% damage right? With piercing arrow and 95% chance to pierce, if I get 4 pierces I'm at 700% without that including any possible crit damage.

And the great thing about my build is I'm not overly worried about being hatred/disc starved. 1 Hatred Entangling is huge, for control and damage and hatred management. Pop out some cheap Hungering arrows when you get a chance and hope for tons of pierces or even crit pierces and you're good to go.

Your build will really leave you Hatred and Disc starved with out Mark of Death or some other form of regening hatred. Cluster arrow is great, but if you watch a youtube video of the skill it would appear to need enemies in close proximity to do AOE damage and give health back... something I can't really rely on.

It's really !@#$ty when I switch back and for between Barb and DH building and Barbs can be completely health and self sustaining. DHs on the other hand have barely any (especially reasonable for pvp because 35 hatred for cluster arrow is NOT) health regen skills.

We gonna get the hurt put on us.
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aYedkQ!Xec!YcZYba new spec thoughts
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